5 Tips To Rock Fashion eCommerce SEO With The Most Searched Fashion Keywords

It has been reiterated over and over how important fashion SEO is for eCommerce stores if they want to rank at the top of the SERP. But can you really optimize a fashion eCommerce store like any other domain? Perhaps not. How you use your fashion SEO keywords and how to look for the most searched fashion keywords play an important role in the overall optimization of your site.


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So, let’s look at what you can do in terms of SEO for fashion eCommerce and how and where you can use fashion related words for the maximum impact on search optimization. I will then follow it up with a fashion keywords list so you know which words to target.

SEO for Fashion eCommerce Tip #1: Search for fashion keywords keeping trends in mind

“Get with the times”. This is very important when you are doing the SEO for your fashion eCommerce store. Content on your site must be fresh and up-to-date. And for that, your products need to be in ‘fashion’. It’s all about what is currently trending. Current and upcoming trends must be reflected in your fashion SEO strategy. Keep a tab on sales predictions influenced by runways. Go for an “SEO keywords for clothing” brainstorming with your marketing team. You could start with a list of prospective product offerings. Find out which are the next season’s top silhouettes and product types in order to decide your ‘categories’. If you want to use the keywords for clothing store for your own advantage, learn about the season’s hot colors, fabric, patterns, cuts and even prints. When you have these, translate these into consumer search-friendly terms and device your keywords. You can also use Google Trends to find out trends. Capitalize on celebrity fashion to predict what could be trending next.

In 2011, Kate Middleton wore a navy lace dress on her trip to Canada with Prince William. Since this was covered by the media worldwide, there was an instant interest in navy dresses among women. The trend continued to 2013. It not only increased search volumes for these type of dresses, but a lot of designers were found offering their own interpretation of the style, according to Google Shopping. Thus, we can say that SEO keywords for clothing are shaped around the latest fashion trends.

Long-tail keywords are a better bet than short tail ones when it comes to words associated with fashion. There is lesser competition for those and most importantly, they reflect the intent behind the searches more accurately. For instance, a keyword for dress like “women’s printed dress” is less likely to get you on Google’s first page; because other websites are already ranking high for it. On the other hand, “women’s black floral printed dress” will be of much greater help to you. Always remember that there is a greater scope of playing around with long-tail keywords for women’s clothing than with any other category.

SEO for Fashion eCommerce Tip #2: Simplify your site structure for a better SEO for fashion eCommerce

Your site structure impacts your fashion SEO and your customer journey. Hence, it’s crucial to get it right. It is important to have content on category pages as a standard practice of optimization for fashion eCommerce stores. This allows you to use content to explain what the page is about. You could have categories based on collections, trends and product types. Newlook is an excellent example of good SEO for online clothing store. They fit a lot into their navigation without making it look cluttered. This also allows you to target trending fashion SEO keywords and will cater for the different ways in which visitors will use the site.

There is one more risk of not categorizing your products. And that is “keyword cannibalization”. When two or more pages on your website have the same keywords, search engines crawling them are in a dilemma as to which page should rank higher for those keywords. As a result, your website competes with itself instead of its actual competitors, and that impacts the pages’ visibility adversely in search results. To avoid this, stick to the principle of “one page – one set of keywords”, and no overlapping.

When you divide all your products into categories and let every category have its own description along with the fashion keywords where they are relevant, the issue of keyword cannibalization is solved or prevented.

Miss Selfridge below is a great example of content on category pages. They have ensured that the content is above-the-fold of the page which is important following recent algorithm updates.

SEO for Fashion eCommerce Tip #3: Have a fashion blog to excel in SEO for fashion eCommerce

Fashion eCommerce blogs have precisely two purposes. First, it’s a great platform to talk about and promote your products. Secondly, it is a good place to put your most searched fashion keywords. Imagine the different kind of posts you can publish through your blogs and in the process use all those fantastic keywords for men’s clothing, trendy keywords for fashion, and keywords associated with fashion and other different keywords for selling clothes. You could actually create a post for each one of these keywords for fashion in your blog.

However, you need to keep in mind that customers won’t necessarily like to read posts which are too salesy. Instead try to think about the kind of content you find in fashion magazines and try to create those. You could center your content around trends and celeb styles which will keep your audience engaged and at the same time establish your brand as an authority on fashion. This will also provide an opportunity to include a link or two to one of your products in an occasional post. Also, make it a point to link your blog to your homepage. You should also ensure that your blog is on the same domain as your website in order to receive the benefit of SEO for fashion eCommerce.

ASOS’s blog offers an amazing example of how fashion related keywords could be inserted into blog posts.

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SEO for Fashion eCommerce Tip #4: Link all the pages of your website

You have to know that websites and their pages don’t just automatically appear in search results after you create them. Search engines have bots called “spiders”, or “crawlers”. It’s these crawlers whose job it is to find web pages and make them visible for search engines. But in order to move from one page to another, they need the pages to be connected or linked to each other with hyperlinks. A page which doesn’t have any inbound links cannot be recorded into a search engine’s index – and thus, cannot be found by your target audience. Note here that two pages that link to each other, but aren’t linked to/ from any other page will not be crawled by spiders. And it is not just for search engines. It is important to link the pages of your website so that your prospective customers and users are able to navigate freely.

Also, if you want your fashion eCommerce store to rank high in search engines, you’re going to need to create backlinks from other fashion-related websites to yours. And the only way to do that is to create outstanding content so that other fashion sites will want to link to yours. Visually appealing images, regularly updated keyword rich content, good product pages are some of the ways you can achieve this.

Here are some powerful and tested ways of fashion link-building techniques:

  • Reach out to fashion bloggers and get them to write a post or two for you
  • Make an interview with someone from the fashion industry to be able to create a linkable piece of content
  • Host a fashion event and invite a fashion blogger to get PR coverage on digital and social media

SEO for Fashion eCommerce Tip #5: Connect with your customers for a better SEO for online clothing store

It is important to connect with your prospective and existing customers. You can do that in many ways. You can either interact with them through the comment section of your blogs, communicate with them on social media or encourage them to write reviews and testimonials for your site. Social media is undoubtedly among the best places to promote anything related to fashion. On Facebook, fashion pages often gather millions of followers. Instagram is a great place to showcase your products too. Every one of these platforms has witnessed at least one stunningly successful fashion campaign, if not more. All you have to do is to choose the best platform for your products, create a page on it and post there regularly. You could also create groups and share your content there. If your content is interesting and shareable, your audience is bound to exchange a few words with you.

Also collect and share customer reviews and testimonials. When you offer high-quality products to your customers, there is bound to be a certain amount of gratitude. Utilize that to promote your site. Most of these happy customers will leave a review if you ask them to. Collect as many reviews as you can and put them on your fashion eCommerce site.

Most Searched Fashion Keywords List

Most Searched Fashion Keywords For Women’s clothing

When it comes to the most searched fashion keywords for women, the list can be unending. Some of the fashion keywords for women’s clothing for online stores selling women’s dresses may be “cocktail dresses”, “party dresses and summer dresses” or “plus size dresses”. Keywords for clothing store may also include “activewear”, “coats”, “dresses” and “hoodies”. It may sometimes be hard to choose which fashion keywords to use. However – for an effective fashion SEO – the main keywords should be the ones that appeal to that online business’ targt segment.

Fitness SEO Keywords For eCommerce Stores Selling Activewear

Activewear is a category that has become quite popular in online retail. If you are also selling fitness garments then you may use “Women’s Gym Clothing”, “Gymwear”, “fitness clothing” or “women’s activewear” to attract free traffic to your site. These SEO keywords for clothing can be used in landing pages, blog posts, navigation link, and on your product pages. Effective usage of these keywords will help you nail it with fashion SEO! And this obviously means driving organic traffic with the help of most searched fashion keywords.

SEO Keywords For Fashion Accessories

eCommerce poses lots of opportunities for the merchants who tend to sell fashion accessories. If you are one of those, then your most searched fashion SEO keywords will be “sunglasses”, “bags”, “belts”, “shoes” and “men’s jewellery”. Effective usage of these keywords may help create a good fashion SEO example.

Most Searched Fashion Keywords For Men’s Clothing Store

eCommerce fashion keywords for men will conveniently include “formal menswear”, “men’s casual wear”, “jeans”, and “men’s clothing”. Other keywords for clothing store for men may also include, “blazers”, “sport coats”, “jackets”, “dress shirts”, “hoodies” and “sweatshirts”.

There is really no dearth of men’s eCommerce fashion keywords really. All you need to do is listen to what your audience is talking about. The most searched fashion keywords will always change according to the current trend, and there’s really no one golden rule defining them.

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Most Searched Keywords for Baby Clothes

If you are running an online store and selling clothing for kids, then kids fashion related keywords would be the words you need to play on. Parents do search for special day garments by using “Fancy dress costumes”, “Kids Halloween costumes” or “Christmas clothing for kids”. Kids also like superhero movies so a keyword like “superhero costume for kids” has a hugh search volume thus will help you drive organic traffic. Some other fashion related keywords for babies and kids may be kid’s fashion, baby clothes manufacturers, girl’s dresses, boy’s jumpers etc., but again these fashion SEO keywords will largely depend on your product lines.

Clothing Keywords List

If you are looking for the most popular clothing keywords, well-known eCommerce websites may serve as a great library for your needs. As these webshops are living and breathing with consumer insight, they pick category definitions with the upmost care according to the information they gather from their shoppers. For instance, Macys.com may serve as a great resource of clothing keywords. Macy’s webshop already includes a clothing keywords list in the form of a category tree, which feature Activewear, Big & Tall, Blazers & Sport Coats, Coats & Jackets, Dress Shirts, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Jeans, Pajamas & Robes, Pants, Polos, Shirts, Shorts, Suits & Tuxedos, Sweaters, Swimwear, T-Shirts, Underwear & Socks, Vests as clothing keywords for men.

Most Searched Fashion Keywords: Conclusion

The effort you make with the most searched fashion keywords to improve your fashion eCommerce SEO will always pay off with higher sales and a greater discoverability for your brands and products. And if your competitors are doing better on the SERP, it is because they are doing more of the five tips described in this article. The key to be successful in SEO for online clothing store is not getting obssesed with executing it perfect the first time. There is no such exhaustive list of the most searched keywords for fashion. Your keyword strategy will evolve with your business. If you are looking for eBooks on search engine optimization and fashion SEO in particular, make sure you visit our library of eBooks!

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