API Integration

Looking for an easy to use eCommerce personalization API? You are at the right place! Our RESTful API will help you integrate our solutions on your eCommerce website. You may use our API to integrate our solutions by yourself or get help from our technical support team. Once you are done with the integration, let us know and we’ll enable the API for you.

API Pricing

After a free trial period of 30 days, you pay us only what you use. Our monthly plans* start from as little as 9.99 USD.


* Our monthly fee is calculated based on the number of times our recommendation blocks are generated. Check out the table to see the range your traffic falls under.


+ Denotes the number of times at least one recommendation block was loaded on pages / opened emails successfully.

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Perzonalization Usage Based Pricing and API Pricing

Schedule Your Online Demo

Do you need any help with API integration? We’d like to meet you and understand your business.

Sign-up and schedule your online call to get a chance to speak with one of our personalization experts!

We also have extensions for several eCommerce platforms. Please check to see if we have a plugin for your online store!

** For webstores with less than 1000 visits/month or less than 9 products on sale, we do not recommend any types of personalization as it will be too early for such efforts.