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Perzonalization's library includes eCommerce personalization video resources covering topics i.e. big data, predictive personalization, WooCommerce, Shopify.

Top 7 Popular WordPress Plugins for Successful Blogging Reviews Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, Jetpack, Wordfence Security, Mailchimp, Social Icons and WPML.

Predictive Analytics is not an enterprise-only solution today. SMB eCommerce owners can now analyze data and understand the usage patterns with SaaS apps.

Predictive Personalization 101 Features Examples of Personalized Content and Vendor Selection Tips for the SMB eCommerce Merchants.

Shopify App Store hosts thousands of applications that are intended to help Shopify merchants. From inventory to social media, apps enable productivity in business processes or help online stores to sell more. If you’re a Shopify merchant, first take a look at this handy video guide before selecting an app for your store.

eCommerce is affecting our lives in areas that we never imagined before.  Changes in social media and mobile drives radical changes in the consumer behaviour. In order to predict in which areas eCommerce will grow, we take a look at the high growth areas of today including categories and countries driving the growth.

Personalization can be applied on many channels ie. web, mobile, call center, direct mail and emails. According to a study by Jaywing,  email is the top personalization channel in the UK. Find out more stats on email personalization in this video.

How to ensure retention via SaaS applications a guide for SMB e‐commerce? Can the SMB create a difference in terms of retention? and compete with larger companies? Find out the answers in this video.

Should you choose WooCommerce or Shopify? Find out about different aspects of the two platforms ie. customer support, design, hosting. Don’t make your decision before checking this guide!

Trying to understand for what eCommerce platforms stand for? This video is just for you! From hosted eCommerce to Facebook shopping, get a glimpse of the world of eCommerce solutions.

Marketing apps on Shopify, WordPress, Opencart marketplaces help eCommerce owners reach their targets ie. attracting more visitors or reaching an audience. Find out how marketing apps can help SMB eCommerce owners to reach their marketing KPIs.

An eCommerce app is a tool that is developed for the purpose of serving online stores’ various needs. If you are an online merchant, it’s likely that you’ll need help with marketing, logistics, accounting etc. In this video, you’ll get an insight on methods you may use while choosing your 1st eCommerce app.

Big data in eCommerce is a guide for small and medium eCommerce owners explaining how they can benefit from the big data applications. Find out how big data can help small and medium eCommerce business to increase their revenues, conversions and customers’ loyalty.

An eCommerce business may create a rich and more relevant experience that will drive conversions and business outcomes via predictive personalization. In this video, find out ways you can choose to benefit from eCommerce personalization.

WooCommerce is the biggest eCommerce platform in the world. In this video, find out how a WordPress blogger can benefit from WooCommerce extension.

PrestaShop modules take the platform’s functionality to the next level. Some of these modules i.e. Perzonalization go a long way in personalization. Learn About The Popular eCommerce Platform And The Modules in this video.

Each and everyone of your customers is different with different needs, different demographics and different backgrounds. If you try to treat all your shoppers as if they’re the same, you’ll eventually lose that customer. In this video, find out how marketing segmentation can help an eCommerce business.

OpenCart – the user-friendly, affordable and formidable ecommerce software – offers a wide range of modules ranging from logistics to personalization. Find out more in this video!

Magento is the most used and well-known eCommerce platform among SMBs. It also adds value via extensions that go a long way in enriching the experience. Discover more in this video!

To create a clean, simple and eye-grabbing eCommerce website, you need best-in-class eCommerce themes. Discover more on free and premium eCommerce templates in this video.

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