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Looking for Personalized Emails? Try out the fastest and the easiest way for email personalization. Integrates to any ESP and works in real time.

Personalized Emails By Perzonalization
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Seamlessly deliver personalized recommendations on emails by inserting a markup code into your existing templates with a simple copy & paste. Send emails via any email service provider (ESP) and the products will be delivered automatically when they are opened.

Boost Sales Up To 15%
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An email you send can easily be inspiring for your users if it’s targeted and includes some personalized content.

We use our AI powered real-time predictive technology not only on web and mobile but also on emails you send.

Personalized Emails By Perzonalization


The magic happens not when the email is sent but when the user opens it. That helps us show real-time and personalized recommended products for that user. This in turn increases click-through rates resulting in a higher ecommerce conversion rates.


Good news, our technology allows us to work with any e-mail service provider you choose, and is super easy to integrate – just copy and paste the markup!

Key Features

Works With Any ESP

Send e-mails via any provider and the recommendations will be delivered automatically when e-mails are opened.

Easy To Integrate

For every widget, we generate a markup to be placed within your existing e-mail template. Just copy and paste. Simple!

Seamless Design

With advanced design options to match the design of your e-mail templates, control is in your hands.


Recommendations are delivered when e-mails are opened, ensuring that the most recent shopper history and inventory data is used for calculations.


Advanced options give you the power to define your business rules and dynamically filter what products will be displayed to your shoppers.

Individual Tracking

Performance of each recommendation widget can be tracked individually so you know what works best.

Personalized Emails By Perzonalization

How do we personalize emails?

Your segmented email campaigns can now include personalized email recommendations and autoresponders tailored to each customer’s individual tastes and behaviours on your site. All you need to do is to define your segments by choosing a comprehensive list of criteria among frequency, categories visited/bought, brands, average order value, views, orders, categories, prices, recency.

How do we use predictive segments in email campaigns?

Let’s say that you’d like to launch an email marketing campaign and promote sports shoes. You’ll probably target customers who have viewed but did not buy sports shoes. What if your neon colored t-shirt buyers are also into this campaign? We use our predictive algorithms to personalize emails. Hence, we not only find the customers who have viewed those products but we also predict which other customers are likely to purchase those items.

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