Automated Emails

Reconnect with your shoppers with the right personalized content, at the right time. Win back your customers with Automated Emails.

Automated Emails By Perzonalization
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Define behavioural or predictive criteria and have personalized emails sent automatically when these criteria are satisfied. Add personalized recommendation widgets to inspire further shopping.

Boost Sales Up To 15%
Inspire Return Visits
Increase Customer Loyalty


We Missed You Email | Perzonalization


Re-engage your shoppers with a nice reason to come back via recommendations prepared just for their personal taste.

Automated Emails By Perzonalization


Pick up from where your shoppers left off, who are likely to have forgotten to buy an item they really need. Supplement with personalized recommendations to inspire further shopping.

Personalized Emails By Perzonalization


Help shoppers, engaged in a category or product multiple times but could not make up their minds, with intelligently picked items just for them.

predictive personalization in real time - emailing-perzonalization


Promote repeated sales by targeting shoppers who have already shopped from your store.


Send them reminders when they don’t make any other purchases for a certain period after the last one.


Boost the relevance with recommendations reflecting their learned preferences and taste.

Automated Emails By Perzonalization


We use our AI powered real-time predictive technology on e-mails you send too.


The magic happens not when the email is sent but when the user opens it. That helps us show real-time and personalized recommended products for that user. This in turn increases click-through rates resulting in a higher ecommerce conversion rates.


And the good news is, our technology allows us to work with any e-mail service provider you choose.

Key Features

Send With No Extra Charges

After you activate automation triggers, we handle the delivery of emails for free. No need for a third party provider.

Range of Scenarios

Pick from a range of behavioural or predictive trigger scenarios that best match your business requirements.

Personalize via Widgets

Optionally add personalized recommendation widgets to markup to inspire further shopping.

Automated Emails By Perzonalization

How do we automate emails?

Autoresponder emails have always been a great source of customer communication. A nice welcome email can help you win the heart of your customer, immediately. An abandoned cart email can help increase your eCommerce conversion rates. We not only send autoresponder emails but also include personalized cross sell recommendations on these automated emails.

How do we combine predictive algorithms with business rules?

We keep track of these visitors’ behaviors in real time and make it possible for you to set custom business rules for emails. If she has viewed this same t-shirt 3 times without purchasing, why not send her an email reminding her of that item? A customer who had just bought an ultrabook would be happy to receive a 10% discount for the purchase of an ultrabook cover. We combine your business rules with our predictive algorithms to personalize emails.

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