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Leverage our AI powered real-time predictive technology to deliver a personalized shopping experience on web, based on each shopper's unique shopping taste and intent

Product Recommendations for mCommerce
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Start recommending shoppers the most relevant products based on their unique user behaviors and intent. Add predefined or custom recommendation widgets to pages. Preview and tweak design before going live.

Boost Sales Up To 15%
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Personalized Product Recommendations On Home Page | Perzonalization


We know the visitor’s individual taste and greet her with personalized product recommendations on the home page. That’s how we start increasing your eCommerce conversion rate from the first interaction of the user with your online store.

Personalized Product Detail Page Recommendations | Perzonaliization


The intention of the visit is often ignored; luckily that’s not us! If a visitor has landed on a product detail page, then we can assume that she already has something on her mind. We understand what kind of a page she’s visiting and we show her personalized related product recommendations.

Personalized Category Page Recommendations | Perzonalization


Category or product listing pages are like shop windows; attractive but a bit caotic. Predicting what a visitor may want to buy when he’s on a category page is both an art and a science. With our predictive personalization approach, we try to foresee what he’s going to purchase and show him personalized product recommendations.

Personalized Search No Results Page Recommendations | Perzonalization


Search on online sites do not always yield results. Still; this page is important for the online retailer as that user is likely to convert if he is treated well. Showing personalized product recommendations is a great way to motivate the visitor to browse through other pages even if his search was not successful and increase retention.

Personalized Cart Page Recommendations | Perzonalization


When the visitor is on the cart page with only one product in his shopping cart, it’s likely that he has forgotten to buy an item he really needs. Why not show him the way with our personalized cross sell recommendations? It’s just like putting a pack of candies in your trolley while you’re at the cashier.

Key Features

Instantly Functional

Recommendations are delivered as soon as the products are indexed. Experience gets more personalized as Perzonalization learns.

Range Of Algorithms

Choose from a range of predefined recommendations to address different shopper priorities with appropriate algorithms.

Seamless Design

Recommendations already match the look and feel of your site. Preview and tweak design with a couple of clicks for a final touch.


Advanced options give you the power to define your business rules and dynamically filter what products will be displayed to your shoppers.


Recommendations are re-calculated at each page visit. This makes sure the most recent shopper history and product inventory data is used for calculations.

Individual Tracking

Performance of each recommendation widget can be tracked individually so you know what works best.

Personalized Product Recommendations By Perzonalization

Prediction in Real-time

Online shopping is dynamic. Every hour, millions of transactions are carried out on online stores. A visitor who had viewed a pair of jeans for her niece three days ago could well be looking for a pack of ice-cream, now. The ever-changing needs of the online shoppers can only be captured and transformed into personalized web recommendations by a real-time platform like we have here at Perzonalization.

Just like a friendly advice

Shopping has always been perceived as a ‘social experience’. We usually go out shopping with our friends or relatives who share their trusted shopping advice with us. On the contrary; online shopping is a lonely experience. We used the notion of ‘friendly advice’ as our inspiration while we’re creating our predictive algorithm. That’s how we provide personalized product recommendations to suit the needs of your visitors and increase your eCommerce conversion rate.

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