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Increase in Revenue

16 Million $

Extra Rev. Generated So Far

2 Billion

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Perzonalization's Shopify app offers personalized products recommendations on web and emails. The plug comes with a free 14 day trial. One click set-up and design features makes it easy to install the app.
Perzonalization's OpenCart plugin offers personalized products recommendations on web and emails. The plug comes with a free 14 day trial. One click set-up and design features makes it easy to install the plugin.
Personalization plugin Installation for online retailers; start your free trial now


predictive personalization in real time - Perzonalization web recommendations


Each visitor is unique and needs special treatment. We do this with the help of our real time predictive personalization technology.


With predictive personalization, our mission is to maximize the value both for you (the ecommerce executive) and for your visitors. During the time a visitor spends on your site, he leaves some tracks. They browse through different sorts of pages, view several types of content. We track and analyze these behaviors in real time to show personalized recommended products to your visitors.

predictive personalization in real time - Perzonalization mobile app recommendations


A visitor may start searching for a product on desktop then continue the same search on her tablet. When we need to predict this user’s next behaviour, we analyse her behaviour on both web and mobile to come up with a harmonious offering.


Through our api, we deliver the power of Perzonalization to mobile apps to increase your mCommerce conversion rates.

predictive personalization in real time - emailing-perzonalization


An email you send can easily be inspiring for your users if it’s targeted and includes some personalized content. Such emails naturally increase click-through rates resulting in a higher ecommerce conversion rates.


We use our real-time predictive personalization technology not only on web and mobile but also on emails you send. The magic happens not when the email is sent but when the user opens it, this is when we calculate personalized recommended products for that user – in real time.


Our technology allows us to work with any email service provider you choose.


Consumer needs and trends change.

That’s why your visitors browse differently every time they visit your website.

Huge and permanent macro-segments containing thousands of people do not always reveal the ever changing behaviours of your visitors. That is where we come in! With the help of our predictive personalization technology, we segment your visitors in real time forming thousands of micro-segments. That’s how we can capture behavioural changes in real time and come up with personalized recommendations that will suit the needs of your visitors.


We all need a good friend’s advice whether it be for shopping or for discovering interesting content.

Friends and similar consumers have always been the best source of advice for us. We wanted to keep that notion of ‘friendly advice’ while we were developing our unique predictive personalization technology. That’s how we do it; we find similar visitors on your website, match them with our ground-breaking algorithm. Consequently, while a visitor is browsing, he sees the most relevant recommendations that our algorithm has just brought out from the preferences of the similar visitors.


If you were a store employee, would you recommend a pair of skinny jeans to a 70 year-old lady while she’s walking down the bakery line! No, you wouldn’t! Neither do we.

Visitors browse through websites just as they would roam in a supermarket. They have a certain reason for visiting different pages of your site. Our job is to predict what she’s looking for on that page and then choose the most relevant content for her. For that reason we analyse the visitor behaviour on different pages.  Our predictive personalization technology helps us do our best to understand the context of that visit. We differ our offering according to the context; whether it be just window shopping or a real visit that will convert into sales.



Personalization made easy. No complicated integrations or deep technical know-how required.

Imagine a service that takes months to integrate, sleepless nights for the IT team, pizza delivery guy who becomes your best friend. Now open your eyes and relax because that’s just a nightmare if you work with us. We have created such a smooth integration process for our eCommerce app. You only need to copy and paste a few snippets of code on your site’s html and then wait for the magic of predictive personalization to happen.


We all know that today’s consumer is capable of optimizing his usage of different gadgets.

If he’s using multi screen, then we need to recognize his behaviour on each medium he uses.

The visitor is always the same when he visits your web site, your mobile app or opens one of your e-mails. With our matching technology, we are able to determine the user regardless of the screen he uses. That is how we are able to offer a seamless predictive personalization experience among web, mobile and e-mail.



Personalized Product Recommendations On Home Page | Perzonalization


We know the visitor’s individual taste and greet her with personalized product recommendations on the home page. That’s how we start increasing your eCommerce conversion rate from the first interaction of the user with your online store.

Personalized Product Detail Page Recommendations | Perzonaliization


The intention of the visit is often ignored; luckily that’s not us! We understand what kind of a page she’s visiting and we show her personalized related product recommendations.


For example, if a visitor has landed on a product detail page, then we can assume that she already has something on her mind. In this case, showing the shopper similar alternatives of the product she’s visiting is a great way to ensure that she finds the right product at the right price point.

Personalized Category Page Recommendations | Perzonalization


Category or product listing pages are like shop windows; attractive but a bit caotic. Predicting what a visitor may want to buy when he’s on a category page is both an art and a science. With conversion rates telling us that nearly 98% of online shop visits end up with no purchase, that is important.


With our predictive personalization approach, we try to foresee what he’s going to purchase and show him personalized product recommendations.

Personalized Search No Results Page Recommendations | Perzonalization


Search on online sites do not always yield results. Still; this page is important for the online retailer as that user is likely to convert if he is treated well. Showing personalized product recommendations is a great way to motivate the visitor to browse through other pages even if his search was not successful and increase retention.

Personalized Cart Page Recommendations | Perzonalization


When the visitor is on the cart page with only one product in his shopping cart, it’s likely that he has forgotten to buy an item he really needs. Why not show him the way with our personalized cross sell recommendations? It’s just like putting a pack of candies in your trolley while you’re at the cashier.


Let’s admit, we all have seen our basket full of products that we haven’t thought of buying. That’s called the art of selling! The art lies in dynamically capturing cross category cart behavior on your shop and lead your shoppers to frequently bought-together type of categories.

predictive personalization in real time - Perzonalization testimonial 1

Mavi JeansE-commerce Manager

predictive personalization in real time - Perzonalization testimonial 2

BimeksExec. Board Member


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