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Top 7 Popular WordPress Plugins for Successful Blogging Reviews Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, Jetpack, Wordfence Security, Mailchimp, Social Icons and WPML.

Top 7 Popular WordPress Plugins for Successful Blogging eBook Includes A Review of Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, Jetpack, Wordfence Security, Mailchimp, Social Icons and WPML.


Predictive Analytics is not an enterprise-only solution anymore. SMB eCommerce owners can now analyse data and understand the usage patterns with SaaS apps.

What is an eCommerce app_eBookCover

What is an eCommerce app and how can it help you reach your targets?

For online store owners or the eCommerce executives, cross selling is both an art and a science. In this eBook you’re going to discover the great online cross-selling techniques.

This eBooks includes several research results on personalization and points to some interesting facts ie. what effect personalization has on the open rate of emails.

Big Data In Ecommerce eBookCover

Big data has been a buzzword in today’s business world for the last couple of years and especially in the context of e-commerce. SMB eCommerce merchants canl also benefit from the usage of big data.

Predictive Personalization eBook Cover

This eBook On Predictive Personalization Features Examples of Personalized Content and Vendor Selection Tips for the SMB eCommerce Merchants.

Big Retailers Success Formulas Shopify eBookCover

Big retailers were once small and with the help of effective strategies, they’ve managed to grow. This is an eBook for the Shopify store owners to get inspiration from the success stories of big players.

Future Of eCommerce EBOOK

eCommerce is one of the most dynamic business models. Changes in social media and mobile drives radical changes in the consumer behaviour. In order to predict in which areas eCommerce will grow, we take a look at the high growth areas of today including categories and countries driving the growth.

Shopify App Store hosts thousands of applications that are intended to help Shopify merchants. From inventory to social media, apps enable productivity in business processes or help online stores to sell more. If you're a Shopify merchant, first take a look at this handy guide before selecting an app for your store.

If you’re a Shopify merchant, first take a look at this handy guide before selecting an app from Shopify App Store.


Personalization can be applied on many channels ie. web, mobile, call center, direct mail and emails. Still, email is the top personalization channel in the UK. Find out more stats on email personalization in this eBook.


How to ensure retention via SaaS applications; a guide for SMB e-commerce

AI powered personalization for small and medium sized eCommerce businesses -free ebook

Personalization, AI and big data are usually handled in the context of enterprise-level online retailers. Big budgets, huge R&D teams, months long integration projects, sky-rocketing vendor fees are seen as the must-haves. An AI powered SaaS personalization engine that can work on Shopify, OpenCart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce may be the hero that the SMB eCommerce is waiting for.


You’ve finally made your decision to start a eCommerce business, what is next?  From hosted eCommerce to Facebook shopping, get a glimpse of the world of eCommerce solutions in this eBook.

Marketing Apps for eCommerce 101

Marketing apps on Shopify, WordPress, Opencart marketplaces help eCommerce owners reach their targets ie. attracting more visitors or reaching an audience. This eBook includes the 10 great benefits of marketing apps.


E-Commerce personalization software is a tool that is developed explicitly to personalize E-Commerce websites. This eBook explains what a personalization software is, the evolution, current implications, the need in E-Commerce and how to select a vendor for personalization needs.

If you’re running an online store on Shopify chances are you’re looking for some apps to help you with your daily business.  This eBook will help you choose the best shopify apps for your business.

We know that it’s hard to run a small business especially if it’s an online store. A predictive personalization app for your online store may be
the solution to your problems! If you are running an OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify or WooCommerce store, this eBook is for you!

Even in today’s era of eCommerce, one of the vital eCommerce marketing tools is email marketing. In this eBook, you’ll have a chance to discover the different aspects of email marketing and how to use personalization and other predictive models to send more effective e-mails.

Personalization is creating experiences on web sites or through interactive media that are unique to individuals or segments of consumers. The job of personalization systems is to predict what the visitor is looking for on that page and then choose the most relevant content for her. In this eBook, you’re going to discover different types of personalization and how eCommerce websites use this tool.

In today’s email marketing environment, autoresponders mainly act as ‘if this, then that’ kind of tools but predictive autoresponders add a new layer on top of these. This eBook will help you get an introduction on predictive autoresponders and how to use them on your SMB eCommerce website.

WooCommerce vs Shopify: We’ll Help You to Decide eBook

If you’re just building your eCommerce business, it may be hard to decide on an eCommerce platform. In this free eBook, find out about different aspects of the famous eCommerce platforms WooCommerce and Shopify. Learn about their capabilities on customer support, design, hosting. Don’t make your decision before checking this guide!

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