3 Aug 2017

To bootstrap or not?

Outside funding is a great opportunity for co-founders given the fact that financing a new business is quite costly. However there are pros and cons of getting angel or VC money. The cons sometimes lead the co-founders to finance their own business or in other words ‘bootstrap’.

26 Dec 2017

How to use predictive personalization to increase ecommerce revenue ?

Our definition of online personalization is like this; it defines all the activities involving the analysis and targeting of the individual visitor. These activities may happen on your websites, your e-mails, your mobile app or on your display ads. There is one pre-requisite; state-of-the-art web technologies and algorithms should empower these activities.

3 Aug 2017

Hello from the Perzonalization Team!

We must admit that as Perzonalization, we are really excited to share our first blog post! Ever since we have stepped into the world of online personalization, we’ve had the chance to get to know many different customers …

30 Nov