26 Jul 2021

Shopify App Store 101 [infographic]

Why Is The Shopify App Store So Famous? Shopify App Store is the most famous app store among the marketplaces of eCommerce platforms. Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop etc. all have their app stores but Shopify’s App Store ranks the …

9 Jul 2021

Best Shopify apps to increase sales

How to discover the best Shopify apps The best Shopify apps are usually the ones which fullfill its promises listed under the app listing page. Shopify store owners tend to like apps that are easy to install & use …

16 Jun 2021

Learn From Amazon To Improve Your Online Store

Amazon towers over the entire ecommerce industry, occupying a seemingly-insurmountable position as the go-to store for everything from consumer electronics to the books it was originally formed to focus on — and it didn’t reach that position through …

11 Mar 2021

How To Win With Behavioral Marketing in eCommerce

At its simplest, behavioral marketing is any marketing effort based on customer behavior. From remarketing to email marketing, lots of different marketing practices fall into this group. The ultimate goal of behavioral marketing is to capture the complex …

19 Mar 2021

Hacks, Tips & Resources for MyShopify Users

When you have set up your online store on Shopify, the latter provides you with a free “Myshopify” domain. So, if the name of your store is MyBeautifulStore, your store URL will be MyBeautifulStore.myshopify.com. Although many store owners …

7 Mar 2021

Top 3 Uses Of Behavioral Segmentation Marketing In eCommerce

What is Behavioral Segmentation Marketing? In today’s cluttered marketing world, there are many buzzwords that are commonly used by the industry professionals. To ease up the process, we’ll first start with the basics before diving into the context …