30 Aug 2019

Why Do You Need a Shopify Related Products App?

If you are hosting your online store on Shopify, you may have noticed that Shopify is a great hosted eCommerce solution in terms of the ease of use, pricing and availability of compatible apps in the app store. Especially …

23 Aug 2017

INTERNS WANTED – Sales Development Internship

Who we are; We are a technology company serving leading Internet companies with our predictive personalization services. Each day we produce over 7 million personalized recommendations and serve online stores from different parts of the world. What we …

26 Dec 2017

6 Great Facts on Personalization

6 Great Facts on Personalization talks about;

1) how personalization helps users find products on online stores.
2) what effect personalization has on the open rate of emails
3) how geo-targeting helps increase CTR
4) what users are willing to give in exchange of discounts
5) which consumer segment is more likely to respond to personalization
6) how different consumers treated in personalization

3 Aug 2017

To bootstrap or not?

Outside funding is a great opportunity for co-founders given the fact that financing a new business is quite costly. However there are pros and cons of getting angel or VC money. The cons sometimes lead the co-founders to finance their own business or in other words ‘bootstrap’.

3 Aug 2017

Hello from the Perzonalization Team!

We must admit that as Perzonalization, we are really excited to share our first blog post! Ever since we have stepped into the world of online personalization, we’ve had the chance to get to know many different customers …