Things You Didn’t Know About Our Opencart Related Products Extension

As an eCommerce owner, you know you need an Opencart related Product Extension when you see that customers are spending less time on your eCommerce website and your bounce rate is rather high.

Opencart is an extremely useful eCommerce hosting solution – both in terms of ease of use and availability of compatible apps in the marketplace. Our Opencart related products extension helps Opencart hosted online stores to eliminate natural barriers of online shopping – thus enhancing the overall shopping experience.

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How does Perzonalization’s Opencart extension help?

  • Our Opencart extension enables you to do away with static products, and allows you to show dynamic product sets, depending on the customer’s previous browsing history and preferences.
  • With the help of intelligent predictions and AI algorithms, the products displayed are relevant – making the whole shopping experience for your customers more personalized.
  • The Plugin further allows you to display similar products to the ones your customers are viewing in real-time, and makes him click on a new product page – increasing the number of pages viewed.
  • Because of the entire personalization element, it recommends products to your customers like a trusted friend or a personal shopping assistant. This results in increasing repeat customers, because they feel that your store knows what they want.
  • The Opencart related products extension boosts your sales up to 15%
  • With the extension, you can carry out your email campaigns without any glitch, knowing that your customers are receiving personalized recommendations.

What makes Perzonalization Opencart Extension stand apart?

No coding necessary –The Opencart extension is extremely easy to install with a few clicks and doesn’t need any coding knowledge for the same.

Powered with AI –  By understanding your shoppers’ unique tastes and preferences, it is able to track performances and online user behavior to generate relevant product recommendations.

Instantly Functional –Recommendations are delivered to your customers as soon as the products are indexed – eliminating lags and giving a more personalized experience to them.

Styling Options –You can tweak the design of the extension for a seamless experience.

Compatibility – Perzonalization’s Opencart extension is compatible with all Opencart themes.

Pages that can be optimized with the Perzonalization Opencart Extension?

Homepage – With the Opencart extension, your eCommerce conversions begin on the Homepage, when your customers are greeted with personalized messages.

Product Detail Page – By showing your customers similar alternatives or related products on the Product Detail Page, the extension ensures that she buys exactly what she is looking for.

Category Page – Our Opencart related Product extension personalizes the Category Page by recommending products based on the shopper’s previous online behavior.

No Search Results Page –Even when your store can’t display products that your customer is looking for, the extension encourages the shopper to visit other pages – increasing retention.

Cart Page – With the help of our cross-category engine, the extension tracks carts in real time, we know which categories of products are frequently bought together. It then uses this information to display personalized cross sell recommendations – an intelligent way to increase the size of the basket in the cart page.

So, go ahead and use our Opencart related Product Perzonalization’s Opencart Extension free for the first 14 days. We will eagerly wait for your feedback.


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