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Prestashop vs. Opencart: A Comparison of eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce has revolutionized in the last 2-3 years with exponential changes in terms of customization capabilities, mobile commerce, social media penetration, integration of AI, mobile wallet usage and analytical competencies. Successful digital commerce today is a winning combination …


OpenCart: The Powerful Open-Source eCommerce Platform

Get to Know OpenCart A free open-source shopping cart, the OpenCart is based on PHP/MySQL code and was initially developed to be a user-friendly, affordable and formidable ecommerce software. The user-interface is very well-designed and contemporary – integrated …


Why Do You Need an OpenCart Related Products Extension?

If you are hosting your online store on OpenCart, you may have noticed that it is a useful hosted eCommerce solution in terms of ease of use and availability of compatible extensions in the app store. Although online shopping lacks some of …