Email Marketing : The Queen Bee of Customer Retention

Why Should a Good eCommerce Exec Look after Customer Retention

Although, at first it might seem that acquiring more customers, getting more website traffic and striving for a higher conversion rate is what you need for your new business, it is making the customers come back to your website that sustains the growth of your business in the long run. Customer retention is as important (if not more) as customer acquisition, especially, when it comes to eCommerce businesses.


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Email Marketing as a Customer Retention Strategy

Did you know that 80% of businesses rely on email marketing to retain customers? Emails are personal and are trackable. People love it when they receive mails from their favorite brands. It builds a certain kind of relationship between the customers and their desired brands. According to a research by Howard Feirertag and John Hogan, the most common reason why businesses lose customers is because of lack of customer contact and relationship building. Emails solve this problem for brands. Besides, emails are more direct than other marketing channels.

How Can You Use Email Marketing to Retain Customers?

Cart Abandonment Emails

68% of online shoppers abandon their cart, and this could be one of the most useful points of contact between the retailers and the customers. Emails can be used to gently remind your customers that they have an item pending in their cart, and they need to complete their purchase before the product goes out of stock.

Follow-up Emails

Continuing to send your customers relevant information after they’ve made a purchase is one of the key retention strategies. The emails may contain informative content based on their recent purchase, which will make them feel special.

Run of the Mill Newsletter Email

Sometimes, simply staying in touch with your customers does the trick. It makes them feel connected and the relevant and helpful content in these emails will make them come back to your website.

Emails with Special Offers

Special promotions and offers are a great way to encourage existing customers to make repeat purchases. Remember to conduct an email marketing campaign that lets you send these offers based on specific segmentation or actions your customers have taken on your website earlier.

Personalization is the Key

One thing that has repeatedly come up in some form or the other in the discussion above, is the need to build and maintain a personalized touch with your customers. It is only this personal touch which helps build a strong relationship between you and your customers. And personalization comes from incorporating an intelligent tool on your eCommerce website, which makes this job easy. AI- powered personalization tools like the ones offered by Perzonalization helps make your eCommerce store a smart one – the one that your customers will love.

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