How To Use Email Personalization That Improves Conversion

Email personalization is one of the key elements to stand out in the eCommerce marketing. Personalized subject lines in an email drags more attention.

Email personalization is one of the main elements to stand out in the eCommerce industry. Personalized subject lines in an email are much more likely to be getting noticed. Market analysts have discovered hikes in email revenue from different campaigns.

To retrieve the maximum benefit from the email marketing one has to understand and target their audience. One of the best ways to do this is modifying sign up forms by getting the correct fields such as name, age, interests, gender and much more.

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Segmenting is a great way too when it comes, to begin with, personalization, as it provides an easy way to differentiate customers of different preferences and needs. For instance, if you have classified clients on bulk order basis you can provide some sort of discount and offer that can only be sent to premium clients.

Keys to Email Personalization

  • Right software
  • Capturing correct data
  • Using right tools and techniques

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Staying up to date with the personalization practices also yield better results to email marketing. Addressing the first name while composing a message or any other information creates good impact, though using too much personalization might make it a bit awkward. It is important to properly address the recipient, and it is equally important o personalize the address and name of the sender are also required while sending a mail.

Personalization tactics

  • Using automation tools to target customer on the basis of their choices.
  • Modifying content or composing a new one to point out specific needs, factors, and issues of varied marketing personas.
  • Using social networks to expand circles. Google +, LinkedIn, Facebook and so on.

Relevancy is vital in marketing. Customers will respond positively to the information that is relevant as well as related to them. To make personalization more effective, storing the data especially demographic such as- gender, children’s names, birthday can be used to execute it. Data stored on behavioral basis such as last site visit, average order value, last purchase date also helps in the personalization based on interaction of recipient with the site.

Personalization need not only mean to be the subject line. Nowadays using an image, symbols, or any other written element that matters to the customer is being used. For instance, instead of using “From” and “Subject” lines, actual thumbnail image is available in Gmail which can be specified in the HTML code.

Perzonalization’s personalized emails are a good way to start your email campaigns. In a nutshell, to increase marketing in the eCommerce industry these points are required to be kept in mind by the email marketing team.


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