The New Hero of Customer Loyalty : AI Powered Personalization

Attracting new customers to your eCommerce site and retaining them is costly. Find out how to increase customer loyalty via AI powered personalization.

Why is Customer Loyalty a challenge in eCommerce Business?

The very high cost of attracting new customers to your eCommerce site and the subsequent difficulty in retaining them make customer loyalty an asset as well as a challenge for eCommerce businesses. In the brick and mortar marketplace, customer loyalty was traditionally ensured through loyalty programs and certain similar rewards programs.

But, that is neither easy nor wise in online retail.

Establishing an eCommerce store may not be very difficult with the tools available these days. For business owners, it is a very lucrative deal, because establishing an online retail store does not require a very high investment in fixed assets – which reduces the cost of business operations. The customers, on the other hand, enjoy a greater level of convenience in the sense that they get their desired products online without stepping out of their homes.


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However, in the wake of this huge surge in eCommerce portals offering similar products, it cannot be guaranteed that a customer who has purchased a product from your website earlier will come back for more.

Hence, the need for customer loyalty.

How can you achieve Customer Loyalty in eCommerce?

Customer Loyalty comes from an enriched and personalized customer experience. As more and more people are turning to online shopping, it is increasingly becoming imperative to make the eCommerce platform so smart and intelligent that it is able to understand what the customer thinks or how he behaves. Once retailers are able to get a grasp on that, providing exactly what the customer needs, won’t be a difficult task – thus paving way for Customer Loyalty.

Enter, Artificial Intelligence!

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How does AI powered personalization help eCommerce store?

AI enables eCommerce content to be more relevant, personalized and engaging. It is a great way to understand each and every customer and recommend only those products or services which are the most appropriate to him/her.

Some of the ways in which AI powered personalization helps eCommerce businesses are –

  1. It aligns a retailer’s offerings to the consumer’s needs.
  2. It communicates with the customers in a language that they understand
  3. It brings in a ‘human’ approach to shopping online
  4. It boosts omni-channel marketing performance
  5. Data on user actions and attributes help make calculated decisions for the e-retailer.

All of the above benefits point towards understanding your customer well and deliver services aligned to that. Once your customers are satisfied, they will keep coming back for more. Keeping this in mind, companies like Perzonalization have come up with AI powered personalization tools which can be used by eCommerce business to drive a higher level of customer engagement.

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