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How To Master Personalized eCommerce Product Recommendations

What is the definition for “eCommerce Product Recommendations”? eCommerce sites today present millions of product choices to online shoppers. Besides, the customer is bombarded with e-mail newsletters, retargeting ads on social media and banner ads displaying several product …


How to use predictive personalization to increase eCommerce revenue ?

Our definition of online personalization is like this; it defines all the activities involving the analysis and targeting of the individual visitor. These activities may happen on your websites, your e-mails, your mobile app or on your display ads. There is one pre-requisite; state-of-the-art web technologies and algorithms should empower these activities.


Personalization as we know it

The term personalization is treated as the ‘buzzword of 2015’. As the team at Perzonalization, we decided to gather some of the learnings we had in the last 2 years and share them via this small presentation.