21 Mar 2022

Tips For Personalized Product Recommendations in eCommerce

Your eCommerce website is your biggest marketing channel. It is by optimizing your eCommerce website and leveraging the experience of your online shoppers that can increase your overall sales and conversions. When executed with care, personalized product recommendations in …

7 Mar 2022

The Beginner’s Guide to Personalized Advertising

Contrary to popular belief, almost two thirds of consumers said that they didn’t mind personalized advertising and messages. However, the same report also suggests that approximately one third of the respondents between the ages 18 to 49 said …

17 Sep 2021

10 Things That Will Shape Online Retail

eCommerce industry is one industry that has not looked back since it’s inception. With every passing year, it not only continues to grow, but also continues to amaze us with the developments in technology and customer centricity that …

2 Sep 2021

5 Ways eCommerce Personalization Can Rock Your Business

According to a recent study by PWC Digital Services Group, 94% of senior marketing executives believe that personalization is critical in order to reach customers. eCommerce businesses are investing a lot of money in decoding customer data and …