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15 Top SEO Mistakes of 2020 You Should Avoid

Understanding eCommerce SEO is very crucial in this fast changing digital word. Driving traffic and increasing sales, are probably the two main goals of every eCommerce website. But to achieve these, you – as an eCommerce storeowner or a …


Best Shopify Themes for SEO

Why would you want to look for the best Shopify themes for SEO? According to recent studies, the first 5 search results on an SERP receive about 70% of the clicks, and 91.5% of traffic share is generated by …


Things We Love About SEO Tools

The power of good SEO services cannot be underestimated. And neither can you ignore the time saved by using one for your website. Download your guide and learn all about SEO tools that can help you gain organic traffic. …


SEO In Magento And How To Nail It With Backlinks

Are you falling short of potential leads? Not getting the required web traffic to your online store? Perhaps, it’s about time you switch to a responsive eCommerce platform. Magento is one of the most sought after and popular …


10 WooCommerce SEO Tips for 2020

Are you looking for a way to drive organic web traffic to boost your WooCommerce sales? Google Analytics is already providing you with valuable insights so that you can analyze the traffic on your eCommerce website. All you …


Best Keyword Research Strategy for eTailers

While Google is keeping a gun through our heads with the consistent algorithmic updates, building the best keyword research strategy has stayed as a pillar for marketers looking to optimize their websites for search results. Download this free …