Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

If you are running marketing campaigns for any amount of time, then you would probably be afraid of making one of the most common marketing mistakes. In this article we talked about marketing mistakes to avoid in 2022.

Everyone, from professional marketers to small business owners, makes marketing mistakes. But even if you make some mistakes, you should be ready to learn from them, by discovering more about your audience and what exactly works for them.


Even if you make some marketing mistakes, you should be ready to learn from them, by discovering more about your audience and what exactly works for them. –   Tweet This!


If you are a newbie, with this guide you will gain the appropriate knowledge about the marketing mistakes and basically learn how to grow your small business with marketing.


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Some of the marketing mistakes could be big enough and could damage your brand and business seriously. That is why we wanted to include some of the common marketing mistakes in this article.

Below, you will find the most common marketing mistakes examples that businesses of all sizes make.

Now, grab your drink and move on! 🙂

What are the most common marketing mistakes to avoid?

The reputation and the trust of your brand is very important when you are selling online. The following marketing mistake examples will give you a taste of what could happen even with an untimely click.

Take your notes and make your plans very carefully 🙂

Marketing mistakes to avoid #1: Making assumptions without testing

Assuming that you know your audience, your customers, their behavioural intent and your competitive landscape is one of the most common marketing mistakes. You are fully wrong – at least in most cases.

There are numerous research and feedback tools available that can help you to listen and analyse carefully the needs and attitudes of your audience. No need to assume anything.

You might survey your customers to see what they do and don’t like when it comes to the features of your products or services. Also, during each interaction with the customer, you may ask for individual feedback and analyse the results in order to identify problematic areas of your business. Only after that, you can come up with solutions that can help mitigate the risks and increase customers’ satisfaction along with your conversions.

Marketing mistakes to avoid #2: Uncareful logo update

As you can imagine, this can kill the reputation of your brand. Let’s explain it with a real life example from Hershey’s. That is right; even the big players could make terrible mistakes.

In 2014, Hershey’s changed their logo and people started murmuring about it, but not in the desired way. According to many, the new logo looked like a “poo.”

Multiple memes started to be made, comparing the logo to the popular emoji.

Here it is:

Very similar, isn’t it?

Although this kind of marketing mistakes may not affect the sales of a huge company like Hershey’s but they will for sure kill any growing business.

In the process of deciding about your new logo, test it with people outside of the company who can give helpful feedback. With this way, you will be able to make any possible changes before showing it to the masses. And these – for sure – will prevent anything that can be crude or unintentional.

Marketing mistakes to avoid #3: Sending offending tweets

It’s very normal to announce the new collection of your company via Twitter, isn’t it?

Except when it’s offending millions of people.

This tweet sent by Kenneth Cole in 2011 was just a poor play on everything happening in Egypt at that period.

The company received negative feedback and they deleted the tweet immediately.

Humor may not work when you are using something very controversial.

Marketing mistakes to avoid #4: Ignoring the complaints of your customers

With the numerous social media channels available today, dissatisfied customers can share their bad experiences with thousands of people in just a few clicks.

These could be posts on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on any other social media platform. Also, they can post negative feedback about you or your products/services on Yelp, Google – the sites that masses of people browse every single day.

Whenever this happens, respond immediately on that same site where the customer initially posted that feedback and let everyone know that you care about each customer by asking what you can do to make everything right.

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Marketing mistakes to avoid #5: Branding products without researching the target audience.

We believe that the example of Honda is a great example of marketing mistakes small businesses should avoid.

In 2001, Honda launched a new car model. They marketed it as Honda Fit in Asian Market and Honda Fitta in European markets.

Everything seems pretty cool right? Don’t decide very quickly. The thing that Honda didn’t realize before launching this model was that “Fitta” means female genitalia in Swedish. After this huge mistake, they rebranded the car and named the model Honda Jazz.

In order to avoid these kinds of marketing mistakes, the key point is to always research your target audience. If you are a local brand, less research will be needed but make sure that you have the assistance of an expert when expanding.

Marketing mistakes to avoid #6: Speedy Sends

It’s very helpful to act quickly in order to not miss the changes in this digital world that we are living in.

But speed can sometimes cause you serious problems.

Here is the real life story of New York Times. In 2011, NYT sent an email to the people who recently cancelled their subscriptions, asking them to reconsider about it by giving a discount.


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This is a great idea to win back your lost customers and sometimes could increase their loyalty.

The point here is that an employee sent this email to almost 8million subscribers, instead of the list of 300. Ho Ho!

Some of the subscribers assumed that the email was a spam, but many of them were very mad for not getting the same discount as they were loyal customers for a long period of time.

Remember to double check your list before sending any campaign to avoid any headache.

Marketing mistakes to avoid #7: Offering something you can’t deliver

When you make promises that you can’t deliver, you create an untrusted image about your brand. Also, if you try to roll out a product that doesn’t work yet or before you test it appropriately you set your customers to have bad experience with your brand. This is another way that customers lose trust on your brand and probably start looking for a similar brand.

Marketing mistakes to avoid #8: Blaming the customer

It’s very easy to think that an angry customer is just overreacting. Despite everything, you need to let the customer be right, within some reasons of course. The customer is right when it comes to how she feels that she should have been treated or the quality of your products/services she was buying.

But it is important not to let people take advantage of you. When someone has complaints, listen and offer a solution that is beneficial for both parties. Always remain reasonable, professional and calm! Otherwise the customers can easily harm the reputation in just a few clicks.

What about the digital marketing mistakes small businesses should avoid?

Have you thought about the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign?

Nowadays, it’s very clear that digital marketing is very important to reach and engage with your customers. People desire to interact with your brand and your products. Besides, they want to remain informed about any updates. So, your digital marketing strategy must be effective to respond to the needs of your customers every single time.


Your digital marketing strategy must be effective to respond to the needs of your customers every single time. –   Tweet This!


Yet, there are very common marketing mistakes that almost every company makes.

But it is very important to learn from these and prevent them from happening again.

We would like to share some of the most common digital marketing mistakes that will help you correct the things that you believe are doing wrong! (If there is any 🙂 )

It’s not too late to make the changes.

So, let’s have a look together!

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid #1: Forgetting mobile users

Make sure that you are not ignoring mobile users.

In the digital world that we are living, everyone has a mobile phone they use not just for making calls or sending text messages but also for surfing the internet or consuming/creating content on social media.

Your website needs to have mobile responsiveness because bad mobile customer experience can take away customers from your brand.

Almost 50% of surveyed people mentioned that they did not prefer working with companies which did not offer a mobile website, even if they loved the brand.

If it is applicable for your business, you could also think about launching a mobile application.

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid #2: Not clarifying your audience

First of all, before setting up a digital marketing plan, you need to have a very clear understanding of your audience and specific results that you want to achieve.

If you know your ideal customer, you will also be sure that your content addresses their needs and problems perfectly.

You may also like to set up clear goals which will direct you more correctly.

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid #3: Focusing only on getting traffic

When you are not getting sales, the solution is not just bringing more traffic to your website. You can buy these visits. The messaging between the visitors and the offers that you are displaying are the big players here.

When things are going very wrong, don’t spend your time and money on optimizing your landing pages or posting more about your products.

Just change what you are offering!

Prove the offer first and turn the traffic after!

Remember that 91% of people claim that they visit a website again after receiving a coupon or a reasonable offer.

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid #4: Not having a blog

Blogs increase the traffic for your websites, that is why you need them. They can also help you to build a great relationship with your target audience.

Let people comment on your blog but do not forget to respond to them.

You can also integrate your blogpost with your social media channels which means that you can also share links to your blog posts with your followers. This is a great way to keep all of the channel alive!

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid #5: Not using social media channels with a clear goal

Posting for the sake of posting does not make any sense. Creating valuable and informative content that engages with your audience is and will always be a great tip for a successful social media marketing strategy.

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In our days, ignoring the social media facts is one of the top marketing mistakes made by many companies.

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid #6: Only talking about the features of your products

People don’t just care about your product. They would like to know how your product can make their life easier. This is why you need to stop talking just about your product’s features and instead focus how your product can transform the life of your customers in a meaningful way.

When a customer is going to buy one of your products, they pay you to have a before-after in their life. In the “before” situation, customers must be in a pain, bored frightened or somehow unhappy. But in the “after” state these customers must feel that life is better, free of pain and happy. In other words, they are paying you to get an access to this after state.


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There are many businesses that make this marketing mistake and fail in offering the desired “after” effect. Being clear with the desired outcome that your product delivers is very crucial for the success of your marketing plan.

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid #7: Ignoring social media

Social media is a very inexpensive tool and a great way to interact with your customers. It’s absolutely free to create a social media account. Sure, it will cost you a little in case you buy ads or pay someone to run these accounts, but it is still cheaper than the traditional marketing efforts.

Your customers are using social media platforms, so you must have social media accounts too. Only in the USA 81% of people have at least one social media account.

Although it will be a little hard to grow your account in the beginning and get the desired amount of engagement, it’s very crucial not to buy any followers. Because these won’t bring you any tremendous engagement and also your account can be harmed if get caught!

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid #8: Just focusing on the quantity of your content

Remember that the Internet does not need just another post, podcast or blog post.

There is a lack of quality content which is more important to make a recognizable and unique reputation around your brand.

Also, do not forget about the power of video. Posting videos can engage your customers in a more desired way!

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid #9: Ignoring SEO

Constantly optimizing SEO is very crucial to increase your brand’s visibility and help your business get found by your target audience. There are some techniques that always help brands show up in the search results. Some of these are adding your keyword in the title tag, using meta descriptions, making your URLs and images keyword rich and adding backlinks.

But there is no denying that search engines’ algorithms change in a very fast way and this means that your techniques that work today may not work tomorrow. So, you have to constantly keep up with the SEO techniques.

By ignoring SEO, you will probably be making one of the greatest marketing mistakes.

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Digital marketing mistakes to avoid #10: Forgetting to measure ROI

Don’t just throw your money away to digital marketing campaigns without measuring the ROI. Without measuring it, you won’t be able to review and optimize your campaigns and you won’t know if they were successful.

Remember that unsuccessful campaigns will just burn your money.

There are many metrics that you can track to measure the success of your eCommerce business.

For example you can measure the traffic, leads, conversions and many more.

BONUS: Find the most important metrics for eCommerce here in this golden guide!

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid #11: Ignoring retention

When you acquire a new customer, you need to make it a customer for life.

If you don’t have any plans on this, sorry but you are far behind!

Don’t forget that you are more likely to sell to your existing customers. And it is almost 7 times more expensive acquiring a new customer than seling to the existing ones.

Be sure that some of the marketing amount is spent on customer retention.

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Most common email marketing mistakes

When you are planning a marketing strategy, email marketing should always be a part of your plan. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, you must incorporate email campaigns on your marketing plan.

Email marketing is very powerful in engaging with an audience and leading to sales without spending a large amount of money.

This channel absolutely works for many businesses but there are times when the campaigns fail badly!

So, to avoid the major marketing mistakes during your email campaigns, we have listed the common ones below!

Let’s figure them out together!

1- Not welcoming your new subscribers/users

 You have one new subscriber, congratulations!

Now what?

If you are not planning to contact them until your next newsletter or offer, then you are making a huge marketing mistake.

Welcome emails should be triggered immediately just after the subscription. The main reason is because they have the highest open rates when compared to the emails.

When you own a store, and offer something for those who subscribe to your email list, obviously the visitors would like to buy something and they will for sure subscribe to your list.

If you get them when they are still on your website, you would probably convert them to shoppers.

Remember that welcoming emails generate at least 320% more revenue than the other marketing emails.

Take advantage of this and get your subscribers to be engaged with all your future email campaigns.

2- Not having mobile optimization

Many of the people use smartphones to open their emails. It’s vital to have a mobile optimized email campaign.

Before sending, you have to test the emails in all available devices to have the most optimized version for your campaigns.

The best optimized emails give the customers a great experience both on mobile and desktop. It will take only a few minutes to optimize your emails but be sure that it’s worth it.

According to a research if your email doesn’t display properly on mobile, approximately 75% of people will delete it in just a few seconds.

So, be careful 🙂


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3- Just trying to sell

When you first email your customers, it’s important to know why you are emailing them. You need to foster a relationship and get something out of it. If every single of your email campaigns has only a focus on sales, your customers will disengage very easily.

You have to find the perfect balance between content and sales.

With sharing ideas and content, you will have the opportunity to engage with your subscribers via content marketing. By doing this, you will be positioned as an expert in your industry and get the trust of your customers. As a result, you will get more open rates and CTRs.

4- Not having a clear CTA

Each content you create needs to have a clear call-to-action. This is a must have, for any landing page, blog post or email campaign.

If you ignore adding call to actions, you are leaving it to your audience to figure out what you want them to do.

Before composing any email, you need to start with a very clear vision.

Think about the outcomes that you desire and plan your emailing accordingly.

Design your email to guide your readers towards this outcome.

5- Sending too many emails

When people subscribe to your email list, they do not give you the right to bombard them with emails.

An average person gets 121 emails per day!

So, it is very clear that many people unsubscribe from the email lists because they take too many emails.

Be empathetic and put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes.

People should be happy when they get an email from you. Don’t forget that they have subscribed to get your messages.

Limit your emaillings, maybe one per week!

Also, you can ask users to set up their own preferences at the time they sign up.

It’s very important to segment your users according to this data.

6- Ignoring the power of personalization

Probably this is one of the most common marketing mistakes made almost by every company. The best designed emails are the ones who create the largest engagements. To catch this level of engagement, you need to craft personalized emails.

Personalization can mean anything from segmented emails to including recipient’s name on the subject line or inside your template.

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When you combine segmentation with personalization, you have greater chances of getting someone to engage with your email. This gives you a chance to convert your users into long time customers.

Have you started wondering the most common marketing automation mistakes?

Marketing automation is growing rapidly and many companies are taking advantage of its benefits. But there are many marketing automation mistakes that people make.

To help you avoid these, we have listed the most common marketing mistakes in automation.

1- Not setting a plan

Marketing automation without a plan? This is probably going to become a big fail!

According to recent surveys, marketers are not succeeding with their marketing automation because of a poor strategy.

This is one of the most common marketing mistakes small businesses make.

Before you start, it’s very important to set your campaign’s goals and objectives.

2- Not integrating with your database

Your database always  needs to be the base of your marketing automation. If you do not integrate your marketing automation software with your database, you won’t be able to create personalized experiences thus you won’t get your expected ROI.

To avoid this kind of a trouble, you should start with a very little user number in the very beginning and extend it as you are getting your desired outcomes.


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3- Shocking your users with irrelevant content

You can quickly create and schedule campaigns with marketing automation tools. But it is also possible to bombard your audience with content which is not relevant.

As mentioned previously, sending to many automated emails can lead to a great unsubscription rate.

Be sure to segment your audience and only send the relevant emails at the right time.

Also, posting too much in social media can annoy and confuse your followers.

Provide only relevant and engaging content.

4- Forgetting about the campaigns that you have set

Many people say that the most important benefit of marketing automation is that you can set and forget your campaigns. That’s not very true. We all agree that marketing automation saves us a great time by automating many manual tasks, but the main controller of these must be no one but yourself.

You should regularly check the performance of your campaigns and make the appropriate adjustments if needed.

5- Looking for the wrong metrics

It’s super easy to get excited by the high performing metrics of your campaigns and forget about the most important ones.

You need to get deeper and be able to get big picture when it comes to measuring your performance.

For example, ignoring the CTR when an email campaign has a high open rate may be a deadly mistake.

Businesses that automate many of their manual tasks need to be careful and avoid these marketing mistakes.

A Final Word On Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

We have summarized the most important marketing mistakes and how to avoid them in this blog post. We can admit that making marketing mistakes is a part of the learning process. The creators of today’s best marketing campaigns in your industry must have crafted lots of garbage ones before finding out the best performing campaigns.

If you think that we have missed one of the crucial marketing mistakes which needs to be included in this guide, just email us and we would be more than happy to add them on this guide. 🙂

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