Your Guide to Creating Stunning Product Videos [infographic]

Product videos have evolved into a powerful way to help people better understand a product. And Google prioritizes those sites that have product videos.

Product videos have evolved into a powerful way to help people better understand a product. It is estimated that about 64-85 percent of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a product video. Further, videos appear in about 14% of online search results. Hence, when customers look for your products and your video is not in that 14%, you are basically losing out on significant portion of your audience. Another study shows that if you have a product video, you are more likely to get 73% more customers. When you have a product video describing your product, you are seen as a trusted brand by customers.

So, why are Product videos important?

Product videos increase conversions because people understand your product better when they watch it on a video. Hence, there is less room for surprises.


  1. Videos improve Rankings

Having videos in your eCommerce site gives you an edge over your competitors, especially if none of your competitors are using videos. With product videos on your site, you can easily stand apart from the rest of the eCommerce sites. You can easily climb up the SERP because, simply put, Google prioritizes and favors those sites that have product videos.


  1. It’s a more shareable medium

People are more likely to share videos than plain texts or images on social media. This gives your products and your brand a better exposure on different social media platforms.


  1. Video demonstrates effortless viewing

A video takes less effort to view than reading a page of lengthy text. It engages the audience and keeps them captivated. It is also able to show aspects of your products that you might not be able to showcase with the help of mere images and texts.


  1. Millennials love Videos

Videos have become the preferred online content for Millennials because they find it effortless and less time consuming. And with Millennials (between ages 18 – 34) having become the largest population in America and contributing to 54% of all online purchases, you ought to cater to their preferences.


Product videos have evolved into a powerful way to help people better understand a product. And Google prioritises those sites that have product videos. Find out more in this infographic.

Types of Product Videos you can focus on

Your product videos typically should cover the following FIVE stages of the customer journey.

  • Interest

These kinds of videos should be introduced at the very beginning, when your customers are unaware of your products and do not know how you can solve their needs. So, these videos need to focus more on their needs and less on your product. Having an expert or a celebrity host to talk about your product can help in giving a face to your company.

  • Research

When customers begin to warm up with your brand, they will try to assess how well your products fit their needs or satisfy their demands. At this stage, you can provide informational or educational videos on your website to answer their questions. Through this kind of a product video, you should be able to convey how your products fit your customers’ lifestyle. How-To Videos and tutorials are good “not sounding salesy” ways to show off your product while giving people the information they are seeking.

  • Validation

This is the stage where you need to build confidence in the minds of your customer about your products. Try to showcase those attributes of your products through videos which are otherwise unclear through texts and images. Lifestyle videos could be an example because they convey the attributes of your products through storytelling; and how your product is a part of a regular day in the life of your customer.

  • Decision

The product videos at the decision stage of your customer’s buying journey primarily focus on how your product stands apart from your competitors, so that the customers are not left with any doubt in their minds as to which product to choose.

  • Retention

Once you have started selling your products, the next step is to retain your customers and take steps to increase repeat buyers. User-generated videos are great for building and retaining trust. Customers love user-generated content as these are authentic and seem closer to their lives.


Considering the exorbitant price of photography equipment added to the additional price of skilled photographers, many businessmen hesitate to indulge in it. But some online resources and tools are doing an exceptional job at creating videos and I am listing a few here.


  1. PowToon

PowToon is a very user friendly animated video tool that enables businesses to make professional videos in a matter of minutes. You can make amazing videos using its simple interface. PowToon’s animated designs can be customized.


  1. Moovly

This customizable video software tool allows you to create anything from video presentations, visual reports, help videos to internal communications. Users of Moovly can enjoy unlimited videos and unlimited downloads.


  1. Biteable

With Biteable’s free version you can make stunning explainer videos. These HD quality videos can then be published on YouTube. Biteable claims that they are ‘World’s Simplest Video Maker’. They have a rather simple and minimalistic design.


  1. Lumen5

Lumen5 lets you create engaging videos from articles. All you need to do is highlight the most important text from the content and click the magic button. Alternatively, you can enter a link to an article or blog post, and Lumen5 will automatically fetch the content and fill your storyboard.


  1. Magisto

Magisto is a very useful tool if you want to use your raw footages and convert them into a powerful short video. Magisto promises to give life to your stories that can engage your audience and influence them to follow your brand. You can also add titles and music in your videos with this tool as the platform is quite interactive and guides you in creating customized videos.

How to make Amazing and Believable Videos?

As an eCommerce owner, ultimately how you create your product video will depend on you, and there is really no one-size-fits-all way of doing it. However, there are few things you need to follow in order to create the most stunning product videos to woo your prospective customers.

Here are few things to look at:

Don’t confuse Product Videos with Demo Videos: Demo videos are an important asset. However, they’re very different than product videos. A product video is used during the early stages of the buyer journey whereas, a demo video is more relevant for later stages, and only speak to your target audience. They have their own set of unique functions and goals.

Your Video must solve a specific business problem: When you decide to create a product video, you need to have a clear understanding of which business problem you are setting out to resolve – namely; awareness, lead generation, retention etc.

The Video should be Contextual: Your product video needs to make sense and reflect your product. It should ideally showcase how your product works, and how it is used. A how-to video of your product could be a starting point.

It should be Concise: Aim for a video which doesn’t last more than 30 seconds — especially when sharing on social media.

It should be Relatable: Content videos should relate to your target audience. The video should be capable of showing some emotion, be transparency and be honesty — whether it’s an animated video or one with real people.

It should look Authentic

Your videos should not glorify your products by magnifying customer pain points. Do not portray your product as a life-changing breakthrough, and instead focus on the attributes and keep it believable. Try and show your products and its utility in real-life contexts in your videos.

I hope this article will help you create some stunning videos for your eCommerce store – some which you will be proud of. And if you falter somewhere, don’t worry. Aren’t we all learning?

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