Best Apps On Shopify: Your 2022 App Guide

The Shopify eCommerce platform makes launching an online store a piece of cake, with the range of features it offers. And then, there are the best apps on Shopify which help you take it a notch higher in terms of usability and shopper experience. The Shopify app store has almost 2000 apps and it might be overwhelming at times to understand which are the best for you.


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In this article, we are going to talk about the best apps on Shopify that you must checkout in 2022 – across different categories like SEO, conversion optimization, product recommendations and upselling and as well as the best Shopify apps for Dropshipping. We are also going to look at both best free Shopify apps as well as the premium ones, so that you can choose a good mix of both.

Best Apps on Shopify for SEO

SEO is one of the best ways to get some organic traffic on your Shopify store. Things like website security, website loading speed, mobile friendliness, optimized and keyword- enriched content, and user experience impact your overall SEO. Some of the best apps on Shopify for SEO are as follows:

PLUGIN SEO – $20/month

Plugin SEO is used by more than 90,000 Shopify stores. It has over 1900 positive reviews. Some even say that it is like your very personal SEO assistant, continuously monitoring your store and raising a flag, when it sees a discrepancy.

The app sends regular email notifications about your SEO performance, enabling you to keep a tab on your site optimization. Plug in SEO also easily integrates with:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Search engines
  • Locksmith
  • Langify

Things like website security, website loading speed, mobile friendliness, optimized and keyword- enriched content, and user experience impact your overall SEO –   Tweet This!

SEO Image Optimizer – FREE

SEO Image Optimizer is one of the top free Shopify apps in 2022 for SEO. Google Images is the world’s second most-used search engine, only next to Google. Hence, it becomes all the more important to optimize the images on your Shopify store for search. SEO Image Optimizer does just that. SEO Image Optimizer can be set up in a couple of minutes, after which it will then automatically optimize the alt texts of all the images on your site so that Google can rank those images. The thing it doesn’t do is; it doesn’t optimize the file size (so you might want to use another tool like the Crush Pics for the same purpose). All you need to do with the SEO Image Optimizer is to set a template for your image alt text and that’s it. Once the template is defined, every image you add on your website is going to be optimized for search traffic.

Best Apps On Shopify For Upsell And Personalized Recommendations

Perzonalization – 14 day Free trial

Our Perzonalization app for Shopify acts like a personal shopping assistant for your customers and helps with personalized recommendations. It’s an app which is powered by Artificial Intelligence, and uses real-time predictive analysis to track user behavior on your website.

With Perzonalization, we also offer a 14-day free trial, and we promise to boost your revenues by 15%. Worth a shot I’d say. While using Perzonalization, you have a chance to choose from 11 different algorithms – one of which is upsell. The app also allows you to send automated amd personalized emails to your customers.

Perzonalization is a Shopify app which acts like a personal shopping assistant for your customers and helps with personalized recommendations.–   Tweet This!

Best Apps On Shopify For Reviews

Yotpo – FREE

Customer reviews and feedback has quite an impact when it comes to your store’s success. It builds credibility, increases customer engagement, and it helps with SEO, because it tells the search engine, which site is liked the most in terms of customer interaction. Besides, everyone wants to buy from a store which has good reviews. Yotpo is one of the most popular and best apps on Shopify for reviews in 2022 simply because it seamlessly integrates with Shopify to collect and showcase customer reviews, images and forums among your customers; and it’s free.

Kudobuzz Testimonials and Reviews – Free plan available

The Kodobuzz Testimonials and Review app automatically asks customers for a review of your company after they have made a purchase. It also includes rich snippets so the reviews (and ratings) show up in the Google search and has different ways to show the reviews on your website. These reviews can then be used to convince prospective customers to buy from your store. The app also collects and displays customer testimonials and reviews from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Yelp.


Loox is one of the best reviews apps for Shopify in the sense that it creates social proof around products with the help of reviews with photos. With Loox, you can easily collect beautiful reviews with photos and boost conversion with social proof that looks great! The good news is that, Loox is one of the best plugins for Shopify in reviews category yet, it is still affordable starting from 9.99 USD/month.

Best Apps On Shopify For Email Marketing

Email marketing has been a successful marketing strategy for the last few decades. Many Shopify store owners successfully use email marketing for more sales, upselling and cross selling, cart abandonment issues, and for one-to-one personal communication with their customers.

Let’s look at some of the best Shopify apps for email marketing in 2022:

Privy – FREE plan available

Privy allows you to design beautiful popups with easy to use targeting that get people to join your list. You can also auto-sync your contacts to Mailchimp & Klaviyo. It reduces cart abandonment by using these targeted popups with exit intent and offers discounts to close the sale before customers leave the site. Privy is also one of the best Shopify Plus apps in 2022.  Really don’t need any coding or development skills to use this app. The app is customizable and has mobile-friendly display types.

Recart – $299/month

Although a little pricey, Recart helps you achieve much more if you look at it. It is a smart Messenger bot that enables Shopify store owners to issue receipts on Facebook Messenger, build a mailing list through Facebook Messenger, and more.

So basically, if you are planning to target your customers on Facebook, this is the go-to Shopify app for you, and you don’t need to look any further.


After MailChimp app was taken out of Shopify, Klaviyo rose to the top as one of the best apps on Shopify for emails. Klaviyo helps Shopify businesses create marketing campaigns via emails, SMS, web and in-app notifications. For lots of Shopify merchants, Klaviyo is the best email marketing app for Shopify.

Best Apps On Shopify For Currency Conversion

Best Currency Converter

If you have international customers, then you’ll like this one as this app is one of the best currency converter apps for Shopify. It works out of the box with any theme and works with 160+ currencies including Bitcoin. The app instantly converts prices and the currency rates get updated twice a day.

Auto Multi Currency Converter

Being one of the best free Shopify apps, Auto Multi Currency Converter converts prices to a local currency based on the customer’s location. This app supports 160+ currencies. It converts prices instantly, on any device or theme. Exchange rates are updated multiple times a day for all currencies so the prices are always up-to-date.

Best Apps On Shopify For Dropshipping

Oberlo – Free for up to 50 orders a month

Oberlo has emerged as one of the top Shopify apps in 2022 and one of the best Shopify apps for dropshipping. Oberlo app allows you to add hundreds of products to your Shopify store, and deliver them to your customers directly through the supplier without having to worry about shipping, inventory, or packaging. You can also use this app to import products from the Oberlo Marketplace and AliExpress and add them to your store. Oberlo’s automatic inventory and price updates helps your listings to always keep up. You can also edit all your product details – including images, titles, and product descriptions. Oberlo also has an automatic order fulfilment feature – the synced inventory and price keeps your store up-to-date. So in summary, if you are operating a dropshipping business, Oberlo would be one of your must have Shopify apps.


Printful is one of the best Shopify apps for inventory management for Basic Shopify stores. It eliminates warehousing, printing, and shipping hassles for your Shopify store if you are selling print-on-demand products like mugs, bags, T-shirts etc. All you need to do is to receive orders and forward them to Printful. The app takes it forward from there. It’s a great way to make sales without worrying about the tough routine work. The app also provides free mockups and eCommerce photography for your store. It also hosts over 200 products and variations to choose from, while ensuring quality control over printing and order fulfilment.

PreOrder Manager

This app offers a brilliant solution in allowing your customers to pre-order products which are out of stock. Thus, it helps in preventing the disappointment that might arise when a customer sees a “Sold Out” product. Pre-Order Manager app saves the pre-order information so that you can fulfill those orders whenever the products are back in stock. It is also compatible with inventory-tracking apps and allows an integration with QuickView as well.

Best Apps On Shopify For Google Shopping

Google Shopping Feed – 21-day free trial

With a robust interface, the Google Shopping Feed starts doing its job as soon as you link your Shopify Store with Merchant Center (App helps you with it). You don’t need to submit Feed URL or set fetching frequency or any other such setting. With this app, your product updates doesn’t have to wait for Google to fetch the feed. They are pushed by the app to Google Merchant Center within a couple of minutes of the update. You can also assign product promotions for a single or for multiple products using the Robust filtering and Bulk Edit features. Adding custom labels, Product Condition, Google product Categories – everything is simplified with this app.

Advanced Google Shopping Feed – $7/month. 14-day free trial.

In a nutshell, this app simply creates a full-fledged Google Shopping product feed for Google Shopping or any other platforms requiring a feed. Once you have installed the app, you will receive an e-mail with the feed URL. The feed is then updated every day. Set up is simple and the feed is compatible with Google Shopping and Bing Ads. It just works. One more advantage of this app is that product titles are extended with options, like color and size. This ensures that the correct product variation is shown within Google Shopping, with each variation accompanied by a unique image.

Google Shopping Feeder – Free plan available. 14-day free trial.

The Shopping Feeder app makes it quite easy for you to drive new customers to your online store, by getting you listed on Google Product Listing Ads, Bing Product Ads, Facebook Dynamic Ads and more. You will also be able to drive new customers to your store through Product Comparison sites and retarget to those visitors who were interested in your products but left your site without making a purchase. With this app, you can now optimize your feeds and ad spend with a powerful analytics tool.

Other Examples of the Best Apps On Shopify allows shoppers to complete their purchases with partial payment plans. If they opt for and enter their payment details, the order automatically gets added to their Shopify admin and all future payments are automated and timed. This way – as a Shopify merchant – you can have full control over stuff like the down payment, term, and payment frequency. The app also allows shoppers to set up both automated and manual payment plans. The app integrates with Stripe, so you can accept all major credit cards.

Facebook Live Chat

Live chat has now become a very important customer service and customer feedback tool for Shopify store owners. With more than 2 billion users, Facebook is unarguably the best social media site to connect with your customers. The Facebook Live Chat Shopify app lets you interact and engage with your customers on your Shopify site. The app also integrates with other social sites and has a rather user-friendly, responsive design.

Free Shipping Bar

According to a report, 34% of customers only make an online purchase if free shipping is included. Free Shipping Bar allows you to display your free shipping offer in a slide-out bar, and show messages to encourage your shoppers to reach a pre-set free shipping benchmark purchase value. It even congratulates them when they meet it.

Best Apps On Shopify In 2022: The Conclusion

Shopify apps can unlock new capabilities for your Shopify store which will only end up optimizing your site for a far better user experience and more sales. While the apps discussed are some of the best Shopify apps to boost sales in 2022, there are thousands of other apps for you to play around with and explore. And now that you know the best Shopify apps to increase sales, you can also improve conversion optimization via these tips.

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