21 Jun 2022

Examples of Email Marketing to Shine Brighter Than a Diamond

Since Internet has evolved rapidly, the development on browsers and the unending user data enabled marketers to get more accurate information about the needs of their users, their shopping intents, and their willingness to purchase a product. Email …

7 Feb 2022

Best eCommerce Success Stories

Building a fully developed eCommerce store and being able to create one of the best eCommerce success stories is possibly the dream of every eCommerce entrepreneuer. Undoubtedly, eCommerce is growing rapidly and is expected to grow even more …

28 Jan 2022

Benefits of Shopify for eCommerce Merchants

There is no doubt that digital transformation is getting quicker every single day. This transformation affects every aspect of our daily routine. Shopping is one of them. Ecommerce evolution, has fully changed the way that people do business, …

25 Jan 2022

Best Keyword Research Strategy for eTailers

While Google is keeping a gun through our heads with the consistent algorithmic updates, building the best keyword research strategy has stayed as a pillar for marketers looking to optimize their websites for search results.   Download this …

24 Jan 2022

6 Most Important Metrics for eCommerce

It’s almost impossible to survive and grow your online store without having an idea about the metrics for eCommerce. Have you ever wondered driving with closed eyes in a road full of cars? I am sure not! If …

28 Dec 2021

Website Design For eCommerce: A Guide For 2022

Ecommerce, for sure, is one of the fastest growing industries. That means – if you want to succeed – you need to have an online store that has a great website design for eCommerce. When you start selling …

24 Dec 2021

Social Media Fails You Need to Know (2022 Update)

With a great number of people being active on social media platforms, it’s not a surprise to see many brands seeking for a presence on these channels. They are doing their best to stand out from the competition, …