5 Tips and Tricks on How to Increase eCommerce Sales

Every Online Merchant Wants to Increase eCommerce Sales

Selling is never easy. Nor is it straightforward. And when you are selling online through an eCommerce website, the task becomes even more difficult, because you don’t get to see your customers. It is like shooting in the dark, if you do not know the right way or the proper tools to increase eCommerce sales. A lot has been said about different ways to increase online sales. However, no one method suits every business.

Given below are some of the more tested methods to boost eCommerce sales.


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Channel Your Visitors to the Right Product

Your eCommerce site should not have a dead end. Every page on your website should be designed in a way that it channels your customers to the desired product. And this is irrespective of whether or not they are your existing customers. Include a call to action like ‘continue shopping’ or ‘similar products’. You could also showcase ‘extra offers’ on the side of the page. This eCommerce strategy will try and tempt the customer to check out different products or pages on the website. This will in turn help you to increase eCommerce sales.

Cross-Sell or Up-Sell Your Products

Cross-Selling is a very important eCommerce marketing strategy, which has grown in popularity. This is a very common marketing tactic to encourage customers to spend more. For Instance, Amazon promotes its extended warranties and the ‘Amazon Instant’ to its customers who browse through their Blu-Ray player range. The key here is to know what other product your customer would need, to go with the product he just bought. A personalization engine tool like Perzonalization could help you showcase cross-sell products in a personalized fashion.

Showcase the Best Side of Your Products

Everything starting from your product image and attributes, to your product descriptions – should focus on compelling the customer to purchase. Using high-quality images, good and elaborate product descriptions, videos etc. go a long way in showcasing the best side of your product to your customers.

Invest Time on Your Product Pics

Humans are visual animals! Powered with the extensive use of pictures on social media, the visual understanding of online users have sky-rocketed in the last couple of years. Your visitors are now able to understand the difference between good and bad product photography. If you showcase your products along with some images that can be easily found on “Google images”, you’re likely to risk your chances of getting sales. On the other side, high quality product pics speak on behalf of the product and increase the chances of conversion.

Personalize Your Websites

It’s not attracting a new visitor to your website each time, that accounts for increased revenue. Personalized marketing which aims at targeting messages and actions, tailor-made to the visitor, on the basis of his past viewing and purchases – is what makes the customer come back to your website. Live chats, customized emails, recommendation of products, behavioral targeting are all internet marketing tactics that hold a customer to your eCommerce store. Marketing automation and artificial intelligence has come a long way in facilitating personalization in eCommerce websites, globally. These personalized tools ensure that businesses today employ a more personal approach.

The Last Word

Starting an eCommerce store may have become easier. However, it’s undoubtedly difficult to make an impact on the eCommerce industry by following any one marketing technique. You will need a strong SEO foundation, robust technical infrastructure, quality content, social media, and many other elements to make it work and sustain.

So, there you have it. Try some of the tips discussed above, and be sure to bring some positive changes in terms of sales in your eCommerce business.

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