Ideas To Start Your Next Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a retail fulfilment strategy where a store doesn’t own the items it offers in their stock. Rather, when a store sells an item, it buys it from a third-party (could be a manufacturer or a wholesaler) and has it transported straight to the client. Subsequently, the trader never has to look after or deal with the item. This is what differentiates dropshipping from traditional retail models. In this post, we aim to share some ideas to start your next dropshipping business.


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Since 1999 Zappos started dropshipping, and subsequently, Sears and Amazon dropshipping model became famous too. While big companies don’t attract your attention, there are some small eCommerce owners who share their stories as dropshippers online.

Ideas To Start Your Next Dropshipping Business: The Concept Behind Dropshipping

It helps you set up your own particular eCommerce store to connect with providers (the dropshippers) who take orders and ship those to the clients. It’s somewhat unique in relation to online business satisfaction.
Since, it’s planned, you don’t need to house any stock, and you don’t need to stress over any transportation expenses or coordinations.

Ideas To Start Your Next Dropshipping Business: Tips for Dropshippers

In order to be successful, there are some necessary facts that dropshippers should consider-

  • Selling products that the dropshipper is interested in- the passion for sale will automatically involve branding, photography, and thoughtful social media posts that generally doesn’t appear in things they sell with no emotional connection involved.
  • Start with dropshipping light & durable products- since logistics should be one of the top concerns while shipping products, considering light and durable products rather than heavyweight ones is better.
  • Since the main aim of dropshipping business is to make a profit, it is appreciating to use an alternative platform like Aliexpress Dropshipping. Usually, the cost of goods is almost close to the wholesale price, allowing selling products to be sold at market value to be profitable.
  • Use automated tools to grow the business- Like Oberlo, there are automated dropshipping tools to quickly grow the business. eCommerce automation tools like Buffer will allow to automate social media posts. The Kit alsoprovides marketing tasks automation like retargeting, advertising, emails, etc.

Ideas To Start Your Next Dropshipping Business: Some Famous Dropshipping Tools & Extensions

Zonify for Shopify

With the help of Zonify you can import the best products from Amazon into your Shopify store. This extension has a built-in editor for product descriptions, and can fulfil your orders in just a few clicks.

Expressfy for Shopify

This extension allows you to import products from into your shopify store in just a few clicks.

Boost My Shop for Magento

This extension allows easily drop-ship orders based on embedded ERP information. It’s compatible with ERP Purchasing and allows you to import vendor stock levels.

Ideas To Start Your Next Dropshipping Business: The Rundown

Dropshipping has some definite advantages, and is a stress-free way to build your business, because your headache for logistics is taken care of. However, the model comes with some complexities, but with some careful planning, most of these can be resolved and these should not come in the way of building a profitable dropshipping business.


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