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What is Perzonalization Free Magento Extension?

We help you offer a personalized experience for your shoppers.

What's in it for your store?

Perzonalization’s state of the art algorithm is ready for use by Magento stores.

  • Boost sales
  • Sell more products
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Help visitors find the right products

What are the key features of Perzonalization Free Magento Extension?

Product Recommendations for mCommerce


Start recommending shoppers the most relevant products based on their unique user behaviors and intent. Customize to address different shopper priorities. Add and arrange recommendation widgets in pages. Preview and tweak design before going live.

Personalized Emails By Perzonalization


Seamlessly deliver personalized recommendations on emails by inserting a markup code into your existing templates with a simple copy & paste. Send emails via any email service provider (ESP) and the products will be delivered automatically when they are opened.

Automated Emails By Perzonalization


Define behavioural or predictive criteria and have personalized emails sent automatically when these criteria are satisfied. Add personalized recommendation widgets to inspire further shopping.

Perzonalization's Contribution Performance


Track real-time performance of each page, recommendation widget and email trigger individually, so you know what works best and can optimize accordingly.

What makes Perzonalization Free Magento Extension different?

No Coding Necessary

It only takes a few clicks to install the Perzonalization app and then you step into our world of automated recommendations!

It only takes a few clicks to install the Free Magento Extension and then you step into our world of automated recommendations!

Power of Real-Time AI

Perzonalization self-learns your shoppers’ unique shopping tastes by tracking product updates and user behaviors as they happen.

Perzonalization self-learns your shoppers’ unique shopping tastes by tracking product updates and user behaviors as they happen.

Instantly Functional

Recommendations are delivered as soon as the products are indexed. Experience gets more personalized as Perzonalization learns.

Recommendations are delivered as soon as the products are indexed. Experience gets more personalized as Perzonalization learns.

Flexible Styling

Preview and tweak design of the Perzonalization app for a seamless experience.

Preview and tweak design of the Free Magento Extension for a seamless experience.

Which pages are used by Perzonalization Free Magento Extension?

Personalized Product Recommendations On Home Page | Perzonalization


We know the visitor’s individual taste and greet her with personalized recommendations on the home page. That’s how we start increasing your eCommerce conversion rate from the first interaction of the user with your online store.

Personalized Product Detail Page Recommendations | Perzonaliization


The intention of the visit is often ignored; luckily that’s not us! We understand what kind of a page she’s visiting and we show her personalized related product recommendations.

For example, if a visitor has landed on a product detail page, then we can assume that she already has something on her mind. In this case, showing the shopper similar alternatives of the product she’s visiting is a great way to ensure that she finds the right product at the right price point.

Personalized Product Recommendations On Home Page | Perzonalization


Let’s say a visitor browsed through a pair of shoes worth USD 150 in his last visit. When he visits the shoes category page, wouldn’t it mean lost sales or confusion for him to see USD 50 shoes? That is why we personalize the category pages according to the visitor’s previous behaviour and show him the recommended products that he is likely to buy.

Personalized Search No Results Page Recommendations | Perzonalization


Search on online sites do not always yield results. Still; this page is important for the online retailer as that user is likely to convert if he is treated well. Showing personalized recommendations is a great way to motivate the visitor to browse through other pages even if his search was not successful and increase retention.

Personalized Cart Page Recommendations | Perzonalization


If the visitor has already added an item to her basket, she can as well add another one. With the help of our cross-category engine that keeps track of your stores’ baskets in real time, we know which categories are frequently bought together. We use this information to display personalized cross sell recommendations; a great way to increase the size of the basket in the cart page.

What's in it for your shoppers?

  • We track and micro-segment your visitors in real time.
  • We show each visitor the right set of recommended products, at the right moment.
  • We offer a consistent experience across web and mobile.
  • We match visitors with similar tastes to come up with recommendations similar to a good-old friend’s advice.
  • We showcase the related products to your visitors.

Why do you need an enterprise-level solution?

With the help of 3 Billion+ pages we have personalized on enterprise-level online stores, we have learned that understanding the visitor is the key in personalizing an online store.

We’re happy to say that we’re not a ‘yet another recommendation engine’. We not only analyse behaviours around products but also the visitor’s individual preferences and similar users’ preferences.

What is the pricing for Perzonalization Free Magento Extension?

After a free trial period of 30 days, you pay us only what you use. See pricing page for details.

How do you setup Perzonalization Free Magento Extension?

magento install step 11

1. Click here to open Perzonalization Extension page on Magento Marketplace to start the process. Click ‘Add to Cart’* button, then navigate to the checkout page. (*free)

magento install step 22

2. Click ‘Install’ button on the checkout page.

magento install step 33

3. Create access keys here for your store, if you haven’t already. You will need these later in your admin panel to synchronize your purchases between the marketplace and your store.

magento install step 44

4. Open your store’s admin panel and go to System > Web Setup Wizard as shown.

magento install step 55

5. Launch the component manager, the place where you manage extensions on your store.

magento install step 66

6. Click ‘Sign In’ at the upper right corner and use the keys you generated earlier to sign in to Magento Marketplace from your admin panel.

magento install step 77

7. Click ‘Sync’ button to synchronize your recent purchase* defined under your Magento Marketplace account with your store. ‘New purchases’ count will be updated. Click ‘Install’ under the count to start the installation process. (*free)

magento install step 88

8. Click ‘Install’ button on the page that opens. This will launch a 3-step wizard that will guide you along the steps.

magento install step 99

9. Follow the guiding steps in the wizard to complete the installation.

magento install step 101

10. If everything goes well, you should see this screen. Then you are all set!

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