Hello from the Perzonalization Team!

We must admit that as Perzonalization, we are really excited to share our first blog post! Ever since we have stepped into the world of online personalization, we’ve had the chance to get to know many different customers most of which were the representatives of respected e-commerce sites. The practice of writing a company blog will hopefully let us transform our individual memories into a set of common knowledge that will help both new generation entrepreneurs and professional website executives in their daily practices.

We’ll be writing about many different topics some of which will be related to predictive personalization – as this is the reason why we exist as a company .

We’ll talk about online optimization, conversion, the increasing value of data, the difference of big data and streaming data (as Perzonalization we tend to see ourselves as expert on this topic), methods you may use to increase the loyalty of your users.

We’ll surely be mentioning about new and innovative practices that will help an e-commerce executive work more effectively and get the most out of his/her investment.

We may also welcome guest writers who will help us widen our horizon.

As the team at Perzonalization, we are now welcoming you to our blog. We hope that you will enjoy reading our posts as much as we love writing them. Happy reading!

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