Magento 2 Community Edition vs Enterprise Edition: Which One Should You Choose?

You may be asking yourself, "Magento 2 Community Edition vs Enterprise Edition". We have made a detailed comparison in which you'll find your answers.

“Which one shall I choose: Magento 2 Community Edition vs Enterprise Edition?”

“How do I tell Community Edition from Magento Enterprise Edition in Magento”?

“What am I really paying for with Magento 2 Enterprise?”

These are the questions that a merchant often is heard asking, when moving to Magento 2. More so, because with the huge number of extensions in the marketplace, there were in reality very few differences between the Magento 1 Enterprise Edition (EE) and Community Edition(CE). But Magento 2 has changed the game completely.

How? That’s what we are going to talk about today.


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Magento 2 Community Edition vs Enterprise Edition

The Cost factor

Magento 2 Community Edition vs Enterprise Edition? The biggest difference between the Magento 2 CC and EE versions is the cost. Magento 2 CE continues to remain free, whereas, Magento 2 Enterprise Edition price model has been revised to link it to the company’s annual turnover. Also, unlike CE, Magento 2 EE is available both as a deployed software and as a platform-as-a-service.

Marketing capability factor

If you are searching for Magento 2 Enterprise features such as target marketing and personalizing shopping experiences for your customers, then you’ll surely find a world you’ll like. The latter enables you to optimize customer information and insights, demographics and shopping behavior, to better segment your audience and create personalized shopping experiences.

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Encourage up-Selling and cross-selling of products

With the help of the Enterprise Edition’s advanced rule-based product-relations functionality, you can now recommend products to your customers or a certain section of them. While CE also offers this feature, there the process is more manual, which can be very daunting when you have to deal with a large product portfolio. So, if you have the Enterprise edition and team up with a solutions provider like Perzonalization, where the manual integration takes only a week and you can go ahead and use all of our solutions, if you have added our code snippet to your eCommerce store, you are sorted.

Seamless Purchase Experience

The Magento 2 EE comes with a powerful visual merchandiser tool. Its drag-and-drop interface and automated rules sorting makes it easier for you to customize the category pages – like feature best sellers, highest-margin products, newest products, etc. The tool also saves time by automatically assigning products to categories based on pre-set conditions and also helps in boosting conversions.

Improves Customer Loyalty

Magento 2 EE comes integrated with a powerful reward points module. You can create rules into this module, to automatically reward customers for a desired action – for instance, leaving a review, for registration, signing up for newsletters etc. The store customers can also redeem these points directly on the store. This engages the customer and makes him come back to your store.

Cloud Competencies

Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud Edition runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud making the deployment customizable, secure and scalable.

Advanced Content Management System

The Magento 2 Enterprise editions’ CMS have capabilities like, page hierarchy system to organize content pages and add pagination, WYSIWYG editor, navigation, and menus, maintaining multiple versions of a page and track their revision, and also restore previous versions. You can also set permissions to control who can create and publish content.

Hence, it is safe to say that Magento 2 Enterprise Edition offers a much valuable improvement over the Magento Community edition, and can help your online business in the following aspects:

  • Fast and easier deployment
  • Better Shopping Experience
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Better Roles Management
  • Customer Loyalty

And for those of who are using tools like Perzonalization, be rest assured that you will be easily able to integrate it on any Magento Enterprise edition with just a few snippets of code.

Magento is a smart eCommerce business investment and when done right, can be extremely rewarding. So the answer to your question of “Magento 2 Community Edition vs Enterprise Edition?” depends on the size of your business but I would highly recommend Magento Enterprise Edition 2 to customers who are the right fit for it.


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