How To Excel In Audience Targeting That Drives Sales?

As a marketer, do you understand the value of audience targeting? Read on to learn how to deliver the correct message to the right person at the right time.

When you talk about advertising your business, it’s very important that you are aware of your “target audience”, and how to reach out to them. It’s essential to reach as many people as possible, and it usually works better when you are concentrating only on few segments of the population. It helps you be more “direct.” So, understanding your target audience and apply the best practices in audience targeting is imperative in driving sales.

What Is Audience Targeting?

A target audience is the demographic of the inhabitants who show interest in the product or the service that you offer. If you are the owner of a plumbing company, your target audience becomes the property owners- both commercial and residential. In some cases, audience targeting becomes very limited. For example, if the product is an expensive Italian men’s business suit, then the target audience is single men who are in their 20s and earn more than $200,000 per year.

Facebook Ad targeting and Google Display Network are the most preferred channels of targeting in advertising that are being used by most of the companies today for better ROI.


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It is estimated that nearly 70% of U.S. Facebook users access the social website everyday and around 43% users log on numerous times per day. Most of the demographics fall among the most engaged Facebook users. In addition to this, Facebook ads produce 22 billion clicks each year with an unbelievable reach of active monthly users.

Facebook ads not only have wide reach already, but it continues to grow. By making use of the data of active Facebook users, marketers can know of numerous custom audience parameters to create targeted audience segments. You can also form custom audiences by simply uploading the data that is available on the present customers that allows Facebook to create “lookalike” audiences on the basis of the parameters that you pick. These ads pull quality traffic. Also, Facebook Advertising is considered to be one of the most reasonable platforms available for audience targeting.

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The Google Display Network is considered to be the world’s major display advertising network for placing banner ads on Google web properties that include YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, etc. It is also on the network of more than 2 million other websites that include, USA Today, NY Times, etc. Google Display Network is basically a network of websites that supply content like text, videos, audio, etc. and permit advertisers to illustrate ads alongside it.

Marketers understand the value of delivering the correct message to the right person at the right time, but the growing complication of the path-to-purchase makes audience targeting a constant challenge.

Connecting the dots to get the sought-after audiences across the online and offline channels and devices can be a complex procedure. So, marketers must be ready to test new opportunities with a view to professionally reach those who are most likely to convert.


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