3 Pieces Of Important News That Will Inspire Your eCommerce Marketing

Keeping a tab on the latest eCommerce news and developments in the eCommerce space often is a great help. Here are some insights around eCommerce marketing.

Knowing what to sell, setting up your eCommerce website and then generating the desired traffic may not be a total cakewalk unless you do a fair amount of marketing. Trying to do everything without a specific goal in mind may often seem like drowning under a mountain of information. The first step is to understand what will work and what won’t. Keeping a tab on the latest eCommerce news and developments in the eCommerce space often is a great help.


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Let’s look at some important insights around eCommerce marketing that is going to take shape in 2018.

Look Deeper to achieve organic SEO for your eCommerce store

You want to drive organic traffic to your eCommerce site? You need to delve deeper. And research not only into your own actionable, but also into your competitor. Competitor research is especially important because you can then find out about keywords that your competitors are using as part of their SEO strategy. The next thing you need to look into is find errors in your website that might be driving traffic away. Some errors might be duplicate content, duplicate products in multiple categories etc. Adding supporting content such as customer reviews and testimonials is good for ranking. Integrating blogs and social media can give your eCommerce store that extra punch. On-Page optimization like link building and mobile optimization are the other two ways to improve organic SEO.

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Chatbots to be a part of eCommerce Customer Service

AI will be playing a major role in customizing and automating eCommerce stores in the near future. And to stay abreast, many companies like Perzonalization are already using AI- powered automated emails as a part of their offering. The rise of AI-powered chatbots is also expected to significantly rise in 2018 as per latest eCommerce news. This combined with the blockchain technology is expected to drive the future of online retail. More and more eCommerce companies will be using chatbots to automate part of their customer service processes. According to a report by Business Insider, 80% of businesses are expected to bring in some sort of chatbot automation implemented by 2020.

Customers likely to fall for a Smarter Buyer Journey

AI is likely to influence the customer journey even more this year and in the years to come. The future of online retail is expected to be all about virtual personal shoppers and AI – powered personal recommendation technologies. According to latest eCommerce news, it is also estimated that in 2018, customers will go for brands which showcase a better customer centricity in everything – from personalized shopping experiences to customer friendly shipping policies.

It’s interesting to see how the eCommerce landscape is changing year on year. What will be even more intriguing is to see how many businesses are able to keep up with this shifting sand of the online retail space.


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