We Use Intelligence to Personalize Your Online Store

Discover the World of Personalized Email Recommendations and AutoResponders

How do we personalize emails?

Your segmented email campaigns can now include personalized email recommendations and autoresponders tailored to each customer’s individual tastes and behaviours on your site. All you need to do is to define your segments by choosing a comprehensive list of criteria among frequency, categories visited/bought, brands, average order value, views, orders, categories, prices, recency.

How do we use predictive segments in email campaigns?

Let’s say that you’d like to launch an email marketing campaign and promote sports shoes. You’ll probably target customers who have viewed but did not buy sports shoes. What if your neon colored t-shirt buyers are also into this campaign? We use our predictive algorithms to personalize emails. Hence, we not only find the customers who have viewed those products but we also predict which other customers are likely to purchase those items.

How do we automate emails?

Autoresponder emails have always been a great source of customer communication. A nice welcome email can help you win the heart of your customer, immediately. An abandoned cart email can help increase your eCommerce conversion rates. We not only send autoresponder emails but also include personalized cross sell recommendations on these automated emails.

How do we combine predictive algorithms with business rules?

We keep track of these visitors’ behaviors in real time and make it possible for you to set custom business rules for emails. If she has viewed this same t-shirt 3 times without purchasing, why not send her an email reminding her of that item? A customer who had just bought an ultrabook would be happy to receive a 10% discount for the purchase of an ultrabook cover. We combine your business rules with our predictive algorithms to personalize emails.

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