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ABOUT is an eCommerce brand established under Boyner Group in 2011. It serves as a private shopping website selling products such as clothing, furniture, cosmetics.


Having been listed as Europe’s fastest growing ecommerce site on ‘’Internet Retailer’’s 2015 Europe500 Report, Morhipo today sells 2000 brands and more than 200.000 products.


Morhipo carries 200K items in its inventory whereas nearly half of the company’s turnover is attributable to its flash sales section which is called private shopping (PS). The PS campaigns only last for 3-5 days.


In this kind of a dynamic inventory environment, providing a personalized experience on the company’s website and mobile app has been a big challenge until Morhipo met Perzonalization. banner example5


The private shopping (PS) campaigns only lasted for a few days making it hard to analyse the clickstream behaviour around the products.


Morhipo shopper was having a hard time finding her/his right product among a plethora of choices in a multi-brand environment.


The objective of Morhipo was to be able to increase conversions in PS while welcoming more customers to its seasonal goods section that showcased full-price items.


After Morhipo introduced its mobile app, they started looking for a way to maintain an outstanding experience for its users in all platforms while maximizing conversions and revenue. Thus, it became crucial to personalize the product pages on the mobile environment.


PERSONALIZED PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS website - product recommendations

In early 2014, Morhipo selected Perzonalization to address its challenges.


To engage and convert more shoppers, Perzonalization started tracking the clickstream and purchase behaviour happening on to showcase personalized and real-time product recommendations to each and every Morhipo customer.


Product recommendation blocks were designed so as to reflect’s instinctive and inspirational design.


To understand the shopping taste and assist the users with the purchase decision, Morhipo started using personalized product recommendations on product pages. These recommendations were showcased using Perzonalization’s proprietary algorithm; ”Related Products from Similar Shoppers”. wanted to inform its customers about the latest fashion news. So fashion magazines were recommended on the cart page whenever a product whose price was close to cargo free limit was added to the basket.


For those who landed accidentally on 404 pages – with a view to entice shoppers to keep exploring – added personalized product recommendations which were based on the shopper’s recent customer journey.



In 2017, global mCommerce sales accounted for 34.5% of total online sales and that number started to grow, rapidly.



Knowing that a great number of people started shopping from their mobile devices, every online retailer was aiming to offer the greatest mobile customer experience to their customers  regardless of the channel they were using.



Morhipo was no exception. The company chose Perzonalization to provide a great customer experience to its users and increase its mobile revenues.



Clickstream and purchase behaviour on was analysed to showcase personalized product recommendations on the mobile app’s product pages. Combining web and mobile data helped;


  • Morhipo gain an omni-channel understanding about its customers.
  • Morhipo shoppers in the decision process.


All these efforts translated into a smooth shopping journey across multiple devices. mobile app page: personalized product recommendations


Perzonalization’s personalized product recommendations have high exposure across Morhipo web and mobile channels, with placements on the home page, product, cart and 404 pages. They help the shoppers at every stage of their shopping journeys.


With the help of these efforts, Morhipo has seen an 18X growth in recommendation revenues since 2014.


Today Perzonalization’s personalized product recommendations on Morhipo’s mobile app outperform and account for 75% of the total recommendation revenues. continues to deliver a personalized shopping experience to its customers thanks to Perzonalization.

"Perzonalization enables us to act quickly in the fast pacing environment of private shopping with the help of their real time personalized product recommendations."
Beril Mutlugüller, CRM Executive

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