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Product Recommendations for mCommerce
How do we personalize mCommerce apps?

You are able to speak with your mobile visitors only through a small screen therefore an optimised experience is necessary to ensure repeat visits and mobile purchases. With the help of our predictive algorithms, we choose the best products to be recommended to your mobile visitors by combining their clickstream behaviours on web and on mobile.

How do we personalize in real-time?

Mobile shopping is dynamic. Every hour, millions of transactions are carried out on online stores. A visitor who had viewed a pair of jeans for her niece three days ago could well be looking for a pack of ice-cream, now. The ever-changing needs of the mobile shoppers can only be captured and transformed into personalized product recommendations by a real-time platform like we have here at Perzonalization.

How do we manage integration to mCommerce apps?

We have a RESTful API through which your coders may send and receive requests. With this API, we provide the IDs of personalized product recommendations. You are free to determine where you’ll show these product recommendations on your mobile application.

How are we able to recommend just like a good friend?

Shopping has always been perceived as a ‘social experience’. We usually go out shopping with our friends or relatives who share their trusted shopping advice with us. On the contrary; mobile shopping is a lonely experience. We used the notion of ‘friendly advice’ as our inspiration while we’re creating our predictive algorithm. That’s how we provide personalized product recommendations for mCommerce to suit the needs of your visitors and increase your mCommerce conversion rate.

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