17 Sep 2018

A close look at predictive analytics from an eCommerce angle

What is predictive analytics Predictive analytics analyzes current and historical data via statistical techniques and machine learning to define the patterns to predict the likelihood of a possible action. In the context of eCommerce, this action is usually defined as a …

26 Jul 2017

What is an eCommerce app?

An eCommerce app is a tool that is developed for the purpose of serving online stores’ various needs. If you are an online merchant, it’s likely that you’ll need help with marketing, logistics, accounting etc. An eCommerce app …

11 Jul 2018

Predictive marketing for SMB eCommerce

The demand for predictive marketing has been growing ever since the early adopters saw great returns. The first companies that discovered the benefits of predictive marketing are Amazon and Netflix. With their highly equipped internal data science teams and …