27 Jun 2019

Dynamic Segmentation for E-commerce

As online merchants, you may be hearing the term “dynamic segmentation” quite a lot, recently. Before diving into the details, let us first look at the mechanics of online purchasing behavior. As we all may guess, online shopping is quite dynamic …

18 Jul 2019

Best Shopify apps to increase sales

How to discover the best Shopify apps The best Shopify apps are usually the ones which fullfill its promises listed under the app listing page. Shopify store owners tend to like apps that are easy to install & use …

26 Aug 2019

How To Build Your Own eCommerce Website [infographic]

Why would you need to build your own eCommerce website Imagine that you are operating your boutique store and selling custom-made t-shirts. You’ve been selling your goods on ebay and esty for a while. For the last couple of …