11 Jul 2018

A Close Look at Product Recommendations

The Past | The Present | The Future Product recommendations is a widely used personalization technique in today’s online shopping environment. As eCommerce websites began to develop, a pressing need emerged for providing product recommendations derived from filtering …

16 Jul 2018

What is E-Commerce ?

What is E-Commerce? Tips and Tricks for the NewComers The textbook definition of E-Commerce is “the commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet”. According to a widely held brief, the E-Commerce term was first coined by IBM and has been …

26 Jul 2017

WebSummit 2016 Lisbon

Memoires of a Newbie My story with WebSummit began somewhere in 2015. I heard that there is a ‘Beta’ programme for the start-ups which includes a physical booth in WebSummit arena and “2 for 1” tickets for the start-up founders. …